25 Feb 2012

Frozen Scream - Lisa's Review

Okaaaaaay, so I'm starting this review of a movie I missed a couple of months ago, wondering what on earth I'm going to write.... not because I don't know what I think of the movie, but because I have absolutely NO IDEA what on earth was going on.

Was I supposed to be confused?  Was it supposed to make sense?  because if the answer to the first question is No and the second is Yes, then I'm a complete retard as I'm still trying to work out what exactly the point of it all was.

What I managed to work out both by watching this piece of dross and my reading what the plot was actually supposed to be about on IMDB was, that a scientist is working on a formula for eternal life but it turns out inadvertently discovers something that can create frozen zombies.  He is murdered by some other scientists who want to pursue the frozen zombie thing.  When his wife has recovered from the ordeal, she seeks out a detective (who just so happens to be her ex who still has designs on her and makes it very creepily clear through the whole movie) to get to the bottom of whats going on.  Now I hope he did better than me getting to the bottom of it all, but since he seems to be in on it, I would like to think so!!
This movie is dull, makes no sense, flits about all over the place, so when you're trying to make sense of one thing, something else nonsensical happens and leaves me even more confused.

There are lots of voice overs, even over conversations taking place, so if you were hoping listening to convo's would help you grasp a better understanding of it all, think again.

The acting is probably the worst we've seen so far on the list and given some of the movies we've watched, that's saying something!  Its a good job I watched this early in a morning when I had just got up and wasn't at all tired as its a great cure for insomnia.   Try watching a movie in a foreign language with no subtitles and you will just be about there with how confused I was.  Thing was... I didn't care anyway, so I didn't rewind like I usually do if I miss something, I just wanted it to be over.

Bloody awful movie.  Avoid at all costs!

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