27 Oct 2012

SHOCKTOBER SPECIAL: I Spit on Your Grave (2010) - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ***

So another remake for our Shocktober special and a break from our 'Nasties' list.  I was wary about watching this for a host of reasons.  I didn't have much desire to watch the original (reviewed by us both HERE), due to its subject matter and my abject hatred for watching graphic rape scenes, but having managed to stomach that movie, I was left with nothing but admiration for its directors, writers and actors with what a fantastic job they did with such a difficult premis.

So did I feel the same about this one?  Sadly not!

The story here is the same.  I won't go into detail again (click the above link to read the above reviews if you haven't seen the original).  Everything that was strong and poignant about the original is removed.  The most disturbing aspect of the original, was that that the guys responsible for the heinous acts are portrayed as very 'normal' men.  In the remake, it is made very clear from the offset, that these guys are nasty, certainly not normal members of society.  It feels  very 'Hollywood' and not as gritty as the original.  Worst of all, the avenue we go down when Jennifer exacts her revenge turns this into a completely different movie!!

Now I surprised myself here and I'm going to sound all hypocritical-like, but in my original review (which I re-read before I wrote this), I was crying out for more brutal revenge from Jennifer.  This movie delivers this BIG time.  However, it feels all wrong.  The brutality of the 'kills' Jennifer perpetrates is not in keeping AT ALL with her character and it changes what this movie is all about.  It takes the focus away from the psychological horror and concentration on bigger questions and turns it into another SAW movie.  Yet again, that must sound hypocritical, as I'm a big SAW fan, but turning 'I Spit on your grave' into 'SAW' is like watching a remake of your favourite kids show waiting to feel all sentimental and warm inside and being subjected to a tirade of swearing.

Don't get me wrong, the acting is very strong all the way through.  The make-up and effects are good.  There is even an addition in this movie of an evil Sheriff who wasn't in the original (excellently played incidentally).  The gore is cringeworthy and would curl the toes of most die-hard horror fans, but its all wrong when used in this context and in this movie.

My original desire to see exactly what I have just watched, shows me how wrong I was.  Jennifer should not have exacted revenge in a series of 'traps' designed to maximise the shock factor and ramp up the gore in this movie.  It somehow 'cheapened' it for me.

I don't doubt a lot of people will like this movie and think it's an excellent remake, as, like I said, there wasn't an awful lot you could find wrong with the acting, script, effects etc, but it just didn't 'feel' right after the power of the first movie.

Had the 'kills' been in another movie, SAW 8 for example, I would have enjoyed these scenes when watching in a completely different context, but they just didn't belong here.

I wont' say this is a bad movie persay, but it didn't work for me.

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