28 May 2011

Absurd - Darren's Review

To review the 'apparently' infamous ABSURD isn’t going to take long.
Don’t be coerced into wasting life watching this by the fact is managed to achieve status of the DPP list. Personally, I don’t think it deserves to be on there, and if it wasn’t, unless you were unlucky to see it upon release, you'd never even have heard of the damned thing anyway.
I'm not going to waste any of my time or anyone else’s by segmenting this poor effort of a film,
I will however briefly gloss over reasons why it should be avoided.

Video nasty? bollocks, the 'gore' is pathetic, then again at least it's consistent like the acting.
Ok, granted, 1 scene has some passable make-up effects, but this itself is deviously improved by the fact the rest of the effects are shite.
Cinematography, atmosphere, cast & script are all pitifully poor. It's almost like they tried to make a naff Horror 'spaghettified'. It can’t even be sniggered at for being ‘so bad its funny’ as it worse.
Christ, the fact it's an Italian horror from the Dawn of the nasties makes this even more embarrassing.
Redeeming feature? Well, if you own an original big-box video release, sell the f*cker as it's apparently quite valuable, then buy yourself something worth talking about.
If I ever find myself climbing out of a grave in a Pet Cemetery, I won’t be reliving this.

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