20 May 2011

Beginning after the end.

As you may have read, rapture is due on Saturday so Christ's followers will ascend to heaven leaving the rest of us with time to kill while we wait for Armageddon.

If we're still arround on Sunday, we're going to hell anyway, so there doesn't seem to be much to lose; in which case we may as well indulge in those vile, hedonistic movies known as "Video Nasties".

So that's the plan, one a week until we run out of movies on the DPP list, or the world ends (whichever is sooner).

There will be regular revues or comments from our authors, as well as somewhere for you, our readers, to leave their own reviews, and in October we'll be deviating from the list to shake it up a bit for Halloween.

So join us, watch as many of the movies as you can, and treat the discussion threads like a nasty little film club - We kick off on the week beginning the 22nd with "Absurd", Reviews posted on or soon after the 28th. (full viewing schedule on the link at the top of every page).

Stay Nasty, and remember; They're Only Movies... Only Movies... Only Movies...

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