31 Mar 2012

Human Experiments - Lisa's Review


Sooooo.... Human Experiments.  Where to start?   Firstly I will say I had to rewind this movie several times to see if I missed anything as I seemed to keep missing things happening.  This was because I had problems staying conscious throughout.  I found my mind kept drifting.  This movie was so incredibly dull, it just didn't hold my attention at all... EVER!

Here we have a woman (Sarah - who seems to be a travelling entertainer/singer in crap pubs) wrongly convicted of the murders of a family as she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I say convicted but the actual process by which she is sentenced to a prison sentence is laughable.  Something they obviously had to fit in there for contingency purposes but didn't want to bother putting any actual effort into.

So as I say, she finds herself in prison.  If you were a man watching this and thought you were going to find some interesting lesbian action or at least a lot of nudity, prepare to be disappointed.  This movie didn't even have that in!  Apart from the mandatory forced shower the inmates have at the beginning and a rather tame masturbation scene, there is nothing to be seen, so its not even worth it from that perspective guys!

The premis here is a nutty doctor who makes inmates 'better' and 'rehabilitates' them by brainwashing them and returning them to a childlike state.  They seem to relive their lives as adult children, down to their dress and behaviour.  They are also all given new names.  Eventually they are taught how to 'behave' and become responsible citizens.

The only person in this who seemed in any way lacking in the brain cell department was the warden and perhaps a couple of guys at the beginning of the movie .  In fact it seemed that although this movie is using women as the victims, it in fact is poking fun at the men or at least making them look like complete b*stards.   It almost came across to me as a movie made by a woman with a man grudge.   It had the definate appearance of a TV movie and even reminded me of Prisoner Cell Block H (but more happened in that).

The ending of the movie is of course as predictable as you'd expect with our leading lady getting her revenge and walking off triumphant (allbeit with her newly aquired name).

I don't see the point in going into any more detail or wasting any more time reviewing this than I did watching it.  Dull, Boring, Predictable.  If you can watch it all the way through without losing interest or your mind wandering at least once, you have my utmost admiration.

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