29 Jul 2012

WEEK 63: Revenge of the Boogeyman

Alternate Titles : Revenge of the Bogeyman, Boogeyman II, The Boogey Man 2, The Boogeyman 2, Bogeyman 2
Year: 1983
Reviews / Author Comments due: 04/09/2012 Reviews put on hold while original version is sourced.
DPP Status: Removed from list July 1984
BBFC Status: No entry exists on the BBFC Website, The Redux version is currently available rated 18, although even this seems not to be listed with the BBFC.
Wikipedia: LINK
DVD: Not Available (Note that the currently availbale Directors Cut / "Redux" version is a very different film)

Feel free to use the comments section of this post to add your own reviews and thoughts about this movie.

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