17 Sep 2011

Dead and Buried - Will's Review

When an art photographer travels to the town of potters bluff he quick gets more than he bargained for in the for of a very 'willing' would be model...

As part of their flirtations,  they elect to pick names for each other, rather than share their own. Suffice to say, I almost pissed myself when he names her 'Lisa' - especially when he gave his reasoning...

I suppose It's good to have attainable goals...

Anyway, just as it looks like out guy is about to get lucky, 'Lisa' takes his camera. If that weren't enough to ruin your holiday, a bunch of fishermen (all with, presumably stolen, cameras) descend on him, beat the crap out of him, and tie him to a tree, before letting another woman set fire to him - nice!

Despite being 'only' a beating (the burning happens mostly off-camera or in long shot), the scene where 'Freddie' is tied up manages to be pretty brutal, and is probably the reason this film found itself on the DPP list.

The next morning 'Freddy's body turns up in his upturned, burned out VW, looking like this...

...and just when it looks like his trip couldn't get any worse, it turns out the poor bugger is still alive!

Just as the local serif, Dan Gillis, is starting to figure out that Mr Crispy could have been burnt elsewhere and then placed in his van, 'Lisa' goes to hospital ti finish the job, then an old drunk (also a visitor to the town) is killed on the fish quay - this time the mob slash his face before stabbing him, all while photographing and filming the whole thing!

By the time we're up to 3 murders (the mob also take out a hitch-hiker) it's quite clear (to us) that most of the town are in on the slaughter of outsiders, and things only get stranger when 'Freddy' (now officialy going by that name) turns up pumping gas at the local garage!

In the middle of his investigations, The sherif finds out that his wife is lying to him, Dobbs (the local funeral director) gets upset that he can't practice his "art" (he's a keen re constructive post-mortum cosmetologist) on the murder victims as the families haven't turned up to pay for his services.

With the exception of one bad dummy head, the effects are great - check out Dobbs reconstructing a cadaver's face:

No, She doesn't just sit right up!

Man, I have NO IDEA how they did the eye bit!

It's a difficult movie to describe, as there's so much going on, including 3 kind-of plot twists; I say "kind-of" because 2 of them are so heavily hinted at I think you're supposed to cotton on long before we are told, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it to any horror fan (not just fans of the nasties - this one is really tame).

Body Count: 4 (kind of...)
Boob Count: 1 Pair
Animal Body Count: 0
Most Memorable Death: A mercy burial

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