22 Oct 2011

SHOCKTOBER SPECIAL: Mikey - Lisa's Review

NOTE: In honour of Halloween, We're taking a break from the DPP list.

This weeks movie was selected because (although it was too recent to make the DPP list) it was banned in the 1990's 'Video Nasty' style scare that followed the murder of the murder of James Bulger in 1993. It remains Banned in the UK to this day.

So to the 3rd of our 'Shocktober Specials' - Mikey. This one was banned, and still is in the UK, due to the whole Jamie Bulger thing. With the exception of one rather violent baseball bat beating (and I've seen much worse), I don't see anything worthy of banning and even less anything comparable with the Jamie Bulger case.

The basic storyline here is something that has been seen over and over again. Kid is orphaned (Mikey in this case) as all family die in horrid circumstances and the only survivor is what seems to be a 'perfect' kid, that is very quickly adopted. This is usually where we are let in on the story that the kid is not as they seem and strange occurances start to happen in the new adoptive home. Here the mother meets her demise in the bath by way of electrocution (the whole water and electric thing is something Mikey seems to enjoy) and the dad slips on some ball bearings and is subject to the afoementioned baseball bat beating.

Of course Mikey concocts a worthy story and he is believed to be the victim of witnessing a horrid crime and the escaping 'villan'. He is once again very quickly adopted and things start all over again.

I don't see the point in going into any more of the story as its pretty much more of the same and a bit more of a glimpse into Mikeys murderous tendencies.

We also have the well meaning teacher who is suspicious of Mikey and his weird drawings... blah blah blah, seen it 100 times before.

He takes a liking to a much older girl who seemed a bit weird to me and invites him to look at her in her swimming costume and asks him if he doesn't like girls more than frogs yet. She also makes constant references to what a good kisser he is... courtesy of an earlier 'pretend to be dead to get the kiss of life' joke...I mean he's a kid woman, what gives?? She eventually admits to Mikeys adoptive mum that she 'thinks there is something very badly wrong with Mikey' following the electrocution of her boyfriend in the pool. Understatement of the year dearie? Mikey of course overhears the conversation from through the spindled bannister as always is the case in these movies if a child is to overhear anything.

He also grows to have quite an attachment to a fish that likes to eat other fish (thanks to Mikey putting them in there so he can eat them). The 2nd adoptive mum gets rid of his precious fishy though, much to his distress.

More murderous mayhem ensues and the film is more and more of the same. Mikey smashes the fish tank he previously loved with a hammer and then takes the hammer to his mum.

More people die and 'dad' returns home oblivious until Mikey shows him his 'surprise' of lots of dead bodies sitting around the table with the real skeleton of a child which was on display at his school.... that boy sure is strong!!

We end with Mikey blowing the house up, but the fancy bit in the swimming costume from earlier is spared. She asks the police what happened to Mikey and they tell her the skeleton of a boy was found at the scene. Clever Mikey!

We end as expected in an adoption centre where the newly named Josh is sweetness and light again for a new family

I found this movie very boring & predictable. Very much like an american 'TV movie'. Its been done before and better and since and better,

An ok way to spend a couple of hours on an afternoon, but not bad enough to be funny or good enough to make it worth your while.

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