22 Oct 2011

SHOCKTOBER SPECIAL: Mikey - Will's Review

NOTE: In honour of Halloween, We're taking a break from the DPP list.

This weeks movie was selected because (although it was too recent to make the DPP list) it was banned in the 1990's 'Video Nasty' style scare that followed the murder of the murder of James Bulger in 1993. It remains Banned in the UK to this day.

First things first: why is this banned? I cant help but think it was an emotionally charged, nanny-state type decision, and that if this were re-submitted today it would be passed uncut, rated 15!

It looks and feels very much like a TV movie - in fact, I don't recall anyone swearing in it, and it's presented in 4:3 - it could actually BE a TV movie...

So, in the opening scenes, Mikey kills his adopted family, pretends a stranger did it, and is quickly re-alloated to a new couple who, for some reason, are not told that Mikey (supposedly) witnessed his last family being murdered - this sounds to me like the kind of information you might want to know about your kid, but hay-ho!

The remainder of the film is spent watching Mikey being just a little disturbed, before slowly degenerating into the calculating psychopath we already know him to be.

He momentarily flips at one point and (deliberately) allows his adopted mother to catch him watching his home-made video of carnage, which annoyed me, and was out of character, especially as he resorted just as quickly to his calmly sadistic self.

There's a VERY uncomfortable scene where the neighbours eldest (a girl in her late teens / early twenties) is blatantly flirting with the 10 year old Mikey!

If the sexes were reversed, I could probably be arrested for posting this!

All in all a lacklustre affair, Killer kid movies have been done FAR better!

Body Count: 9
Animal Body Count: 2
Boob Count: 1 pair (just)
Most Memorable Death: Batter Up!

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