Movie Awards

Lisa and Will each have their own "Recommended" Tags (see right hand column on any page), but this award is for those lucky few DPP movies that impressed both of our regular reviewers.

The Beyond
The Burning
Dead and Buried
The Evil Dead
Fight For Your Life
The Toolbox Murders
Twitch of the Death Nerve

Sometimes a movie is entertaining... but not actually "good". This award is for those films that both reviewers have deemed to be perfect for a rowdy group BECAUSE of their lack of quality, not in spite of it! 

Night of The Bloody Apes

These movies are the bottom of the barrel. There are a lot of bad movies of the DPP list, but these are  the ones that both reviewers have marked "Avoid", the ones that leave you wanting to sue the makers for the cost of the DVD and compensation for your time (and that are so bad, you may even win the case)