29 Jan 2012

WEEK 37: Fight for your life

Alternate Titles : Staying Alive, Bloodbath at 1313 Fury Drive, Getting Even, Held Hostage, I Hate your Guts 
Year: 1977
Reviews / Author Comments due: 4/2/2012
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
BBFC Status: Still banned

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28 Jan 2012

Faces of Death - Will's Review

This is one of the most infamous titles on the DPP list, and I was shocked to learn that Lisa had never heard of it - I thought that we had all gone to school with at least one 'hard' kid who claimed to have seen it!

It made it's name (and schoolyard notoriety), by reporting to feature scene after scene of actual death - I remember seeing a copy in a video rental place where I used to rent horror movies using my fake NUS ID that said I was 3 years older than I was) and reading the box, which goes out of it's way to imply that it is utterly genuine - I was stunned; I couldn't believe this would be allowed, but I also wasn't sure I wanted to see it, and rented  "Braindead" instead (good move!).

In the intervening years, it has piqued my interest a few times; enough to have read up on it, but not enough to actually track down an uncut copy and watch the thing.

Until that is, I decided to work my way through the whole "Video Nasties" list...

Although it is unquestionably sensationalist (Look at the title for god's sake, and its hosted by a "Dr. Gross") but at times it does a bloody good impression of an earnest documentary. Indeed, split into sections (accidents, nature, suicide etc.) I could almost see BBC Three making a series out of it!

But for the fakery…

David Attenborough recently got in hot water by splicing footage of captive polarbears with footage of wild ones; so I dread to think what Ofcom would make of showing a real suicide jumper fall to their death, before cutting to a fake messy body…

In-fact, almost every close-up human death in the movie is fake, and often obviously so.
A lot of them feature impossible camera angles; during an attempted rescue of an amateur potholer, for instance, the rescuer is filmed from below as he descends to where the victims fell, as though the ‘documentary’ film-makers had asked that the rescue be put on hold, while they sent a camera man down to get a better shot, some feature multiple angels where we should be able to see the other cameras, and one scene features a middle-eastern beheading, supposedly filmed by a Canadian tourist… and features multiple angles and well-framed shots on a pro-grade camera!
Not that this is necessarily a bad thing; less on-screen real deaths can only be a good thing, but the movie kind of sets itself up to be lose/lose on this score: Real deaths, and I’d be somewhat appalled by it, fake deaths, and we feel lied to!
Although there are plenty of real bodies – graphic autopsy shots, piles of holocaust victims, row after row in a morgue, body parts scattered everywhere after a plane crash, drowning victims… there’s more than enough here to keep fans of rotton.com and it’s ilk happy! And it’s these scenes that have sent the body count soaring…

On the animal front, the film-makers show us what David Attenborough does not as a snake is devoured by piranhas (upsetting, I love snakes, but interesting in a national geographic way), we get the ‘highlights’ of a dog-fight, fur-seals are clubbed and skinned,  worst-case (or outdated) slaughter house footage is presented as the norm, and a cow is killed Kosher style (for my money, properly preformed Kosher butchery is worse than properly preformed Halal butchery), and there’s the Monkey Brain scene, in which a real, obviously terrified monkey is clamped into a table, and has his face smacked with foam hammers, before an obviously fake monkey head is switched in and cut open so that ‘tourists’ may eat it’s brain!

Then there’s the just plain left-field bits. If you went to school with one of the aforementioned ‘hard’ kids who claimed to have seen this, I bet they never mentioned the 3 minute lecture on the evils of littering, or the speech about how cancer is probably man-made and we all need to eat better did they? No sir! I’ll also be they neglected to mention that the final section of the film tries to sell us on the idea that ghosts are real, before implying some guff about reincarnation and ending with a montage of wildlife pictures, flowers and images of babies either!

I also got annoyed at “Dr. Gross” continually claiming to have witnessed most of these thing in person, but we never see him in the footage.

All in all and odd film, that should have board and repulsed me, bur didn’t do much of either… Cutting the animal scenes would have tightened the running time, removed the most offensive parts, and, for all it’s flaws, made this one strangely watchable.

WARNING: Usually purchasing the cut UK version of a movie is enough to excise the animal cruelty. Not so here; the UK version cuts only the dog-fight, and some of the monkey’s distress.

Body Count: 180+ (mostly lined up in morgues or open graves)
Boob Count: 6 pairs (including 2 deceased old pairs)
Animal Body Count: 50+

Most Memorable Death: Fake electric chair.

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Faces of Death - Lisa's Review

The title here sounded a bit onimous and the quick google I did on this movie before watching it, made me a bit put off watching it to be honest as it mentioned real animal deaths again. After the cannibal movies with the animal cruelty, which we've already reviewed, I wasnt keen on viewing any more macabre animal scenes, but a challenge is a challenge, so there I saw with the fwd button below my thumb in case I needed it and I pressed play.

One thing quickly became clear in watching this movie (well I say movie, its more of a documentary with a really irritating voice over) and that is that not all of the scenes are real.

This movie examines the so called 'Faces of Death' and is just an excuse to show a bunch of dead people really. If you've ever freqented the site Rotten.com, then you'll have an idea of the gist of some of this movie (and that was the better parts).

Now I've always been a fan of anything which delves into the human body, be that operations, paramedic documentaries, programs on ancient Egypt and mummification, autopsy programs.. I'll watch pretty much anything without being squeamish. The autopsy scenes in this movie are definately real. I've watched enough autopsy programs in my life to recognise that. I see nothing to be frightened of in watching this sort of thing, its interesting. I suppose seeing so many dead bodies may be a bit disturbing to some. The only part I could see which would be upsetting to anyone was the face being peeled back from the skull in a couple of scenes, but hey, I enjoy that kind of sh*t.

Supposed executions are also shown, gas chamber and electric chair. These were both obviously fake. Anyone watching who couldn't see that, is a little naive.

Another scene where a cult apparently eat the innards of a dead man is also laughably fake.

In fact the only footage which seemed to be real in this movie is stock footage taken from other programs or perhaps newsreel footage.

Footage to be seen include a parachutist crashing to the ground during an airshow (very grainy footage from a distance), an unfortunate drowning victim washed up on the beach, a cyclist who has been run over by a lorry (this footage is a bit gruesome in that her head is completely caved in and a paramedic is scooping all kinds of goo off the road into a plastic bag), an execution by sword/machete (not sure if this was real), a suicide jumper hitting the ground, footage from WW2, a stunt gone wrong where the stuntman supposedly dies which was apparently used in the movie anyway (I didn't think this one was real either), a train wreck and perhaps the most disturbing and obviously very real, the mangled remains of body parts of the victims from a plane crash strewn all over a village - on roofs, in the street, in gardens, through windows (one woman was splattered with blood from a corpse flying through her window).

This footage had nothing I hadn't seen before. Like I said, its Rotten.com in moving image rather than still, but with boring bits and crap narration. The plane crash scene was a bit disturbing due to the total carnage and various body parts, just from the human perspective for me of the amount of people who will never return home. I can honestly say however, there was nothing which made me cringe and turn away. Maybe i'm just a sicko?

I did press the fwd a couple of times for animal scenes, which included a pitbull fight, a piranha eating a snake, a cow being bled and killed and abbatoir scenes. I may be a sicko but it doesn't extend to wanting to see animals die.

I think for me, I don't mind dead bodies, its the actual act of the death of anyone I don't want to see. Knowing that person is going to meet their end is something I find hard to deal with.

So to sum up, this movie didn't bother me much but is worth a watch. Its nowhere near as disturbing as say 'Executions' but if you're squeamish, probably best not bother.

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22 Jan 2012

Week 36: Faces of Death

Alternate Titles : The Original Faces of Death
Year: 1981
Reviews / Author Comments due: 28/01/2012
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
BBFC Status: Passed with cuts 2003
Wikipedia: Faces of Death

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21 Jan 2012

Exposé - Will's Review

Sorry for the late review, when I'm not doing this, I'm self employed, and I've been battling my accounts ready for the end of the month deadline...

Anyway, This weeks movie; Exposé is the only British movie on the DPP list, it's also the first one (at least alphabetically) to star horror mainstay Udo Kier (we'll be seeing him again in 'Flesh for Frankenstein') - indecently, Udo was offered the Japanese profits in exchange for his appearance, he instead insisted on an actual fee; almost inevitably, the film was a massive hit in Japan...

So, is it any good?


There's nothing wrong with it as such (apart from the hideous tit's of 'sex symbol' Fiona Richmond) but it's not terribly exciting either, and the structure is slightly odd - It is made obvious early on that Udo's new secretary is stalking him (we see her masturbating to his picture, which she had before she met him) - something which feels like it aught to be a twist, and although the killer is (for the first kill at least) unseen, there is never any reason to suspect anyone other than the secretary / stalker.

The Movie's 'twist' revolves instead around WHY she is stalking him... but it doesn't really shock the way I think it was supposed to, and doesn't gel at all with the (frequent) masturbation.

The highlight for me had to be the fact that a rapist (Jacko, from 80's sitcom Brush Strokes) seemingly survives days in a cornfield with shotgun wounds to the face, without actually crawling away, and then continently dies immediately after doing the thing the scriptwriters kept him alive to do.

Not bad, but a bit dull, and with terrible stabbing effects (which are still more convincing than those tits - shudder)

Body Count: 5
Boob count: 2 pairs (if you count those god-awful falsies as 'boobs')
Animal Body Count: 0
Most Memorable death: Shower scene revisited (badly)

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Exposé - Lisa's Review


I start this review a little guiltily knowing I should probably think this movie was pants, but I actually quite enjoyed it. It had me cackling most of the way through.

The premis here, is an up himself author (Paul Martin) who has 1 successful book behind him (he keeps telling anyone who will listen how well it did and how much he made from it) attempting to write book number 2. He takes off to a quiet house in the country and goes about hiring a typist to assist him in his endeavours. He decides not to bring his lady friend with him after tiring of her and I'm not surprised it has to be said. NEVER have I seen a more hideous, overly tanned (she looks roasted!) and wierd chested woman in a movie. During the woman on top sex scenes, her boobs don't move AT ALL, no swaying, nothing!!! Also her acting when it comes to displays of esctasy is downright scary. I would be terrified if I was shagging that! Wierdly Paul always wears rubber gloves when he is having sex and he has flashes in his mind of some man outside a window and him covered in lots of blood every time. I don't think they ever explained that.

Sooooo our author Pauil clears off to the country and is soon met at the station by his typist (Linda)- a very pretty and we soon learn nympho type. She is harranged by a couple of thugs, who do the usual leering crap we come to expect for a pretty woman in a movie. They are dealt with very swiftly and impressively by this 'stiff-looking' suited author when he embarrassingly knocks 7 shades of excrement out of them.

The movie is quite slow and mostly centers around him dictating the text to Linda and the sexual tension that builds very quickly between them. He discovers she has a vibrator in her suitcase (oh quelle suprise! naughty girl!) and this seems to make him think its ok to try her room when he hears suggestion moans coming from behind a closed door. Yes, she is having a little fun alone time and knows he is there trying the door and peering in at her nakedness (she's finished by this stage) but she doesn't seem to care.

The scene which leads to her need for relief is most amusing. Paul dictates a new paragraph to her all surrounding going down on a woman... its all 'tongue darting here and there' etc etc. Before any climax is reached or any real filth is alluding to, he says 'Ok, thats enough for now'.. You could literally FEEL the frustration!

Another amusing scene after she emerges from her room post play is when he says 'You've been a long time' and she finishes his sentence 'in coming?'.. its so bad, its hilarious!

On another very wierd scene, she goes for a walk in a cornfield and has another go, but shock horror, the 2 guys from earlier at the station are there and ready to rape her. She doesn't seem bothered at all and if anything looked like she enjoyed it to me. She even strokes the shotgun one of them is holding her with. Afterwards, she shoots them both with the gun.. It sort of left me wondering what the hell the point of the scene was.. I suppose something else sexual was needed.... who knows.

So you're wondering where the hell this movie is going.. Pauls girlfriend shows up on his invite after Linda spurns his advances. He needs a bit, so here she is for some more scary sex and even some lesbian sex with Linda. She gets everywhere. I think Linda sleeps with her just to wind Paul up.

So everyone is having sex, frustrating each other and masturbating.. where are we going???

Basically we discover that Linda was married to the real author of Pauls first book that made him so much money. He stole the book and took the credit and she intended to get her revenge.

She attempts to kill him by cutting the brakes on her car, but he survives by crashing into a river and heads back to the house.

I won't spoil the ending completely but after a very slow movie, it all ends rather abruptly and obviously.

I know this movie was terrible but I enjoyed it because it was so bad. Why its a video nasty is anyones guess.

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15 Jan 2012

WEEK 35: Exposé

Alternate Titles : The House on Straw Hill, Trauma
Year: 1975
Reviews / Author Comments due: 21/01/2012
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
Wikipedia:  Exposé
DVD: Uncut version currently unavailable - look for French or Australian version, under title "The House on Straw Hill"

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14 Jan 2012

Evilspeak - Will's Review

I'd like to start by saying I really did enjoy this week's movie - I know it's a little weird to give my conclusion at the start of a review, but the thing is; on paper, it's a pretty shitty movie, as a result anything I can say about it is likely to sound like I didn't enjoy it, so unwanted to clear that up before I start.

So, why should it suck?

Well, for one thing it's like a checklist for 80's teen horror movie villein clichés. Our main character is an orphaned, unpopular (save for one close friend), bullied computer wiz. If he only listened to heavy metal and played Dungeons and Dragons, I do believe we'd have a full house.

Young Coopersmith (the aforementioned main character) is in military school, and finds himself on report rather a lot - usually as a result of his bullies' actions, which means he spends as much time taking out the rubbish, or tending to the schools psychotic killer pigs (yes, the military school has a farm full of angry pigs) as he does in class. One particular punishment he receives is to clear out the chapel basement.

But this is no ordinary military chapel - it seems that, in the days of the inquisition, a priest by the name of Esteban was banished, not only from the church, but from all of Spain, for turning to Satan. On arrival in the new world  Esteban  built a church - years later an entire military school was built around it (!).

And so, while clearing the basement, Coppersmith finds an entire room that no one knew was there (including 'sarge'; the mad and potentially violent old guy who the school allows to live in the basement) in the room he finds some of  Esteban 's relics, including a notebook.

After knicking one of the schools computers and sneaking it  down into the basement (I never said that this movie didn't require you to suspend disbelief) Coopersmith sets too translating the Latin notebook into English - and in doing so, frees an evil force into the computer.

Y'know... He has a point.

There are a couple of deaths along the way (the school secretary steals the notebook at one point, and is eaten by pigs for her trouble) but the action really doesn't kick off until literally the movie's last nine minutes!

At one point my partner (who refuses to watch these things) asked how my film was, prompting me to say "I'm half way through, nothing nasty has happened, this thing was prosecuted and not passed uncut for 20 years - there'd better be a fucking bloodbath on the way!"

Sadly, there isn't - there's quite a body count (unusually for these things, Coopersmith even takes out some people who didn't particually do anything to him) but it isn't as graphic as you would want, given the length of time it holds out to get there.

I can't be the only one who cringes when someone
in a horror movie has a dog...

The odd pacing doesn't hurt the film though, as it has 90 minutes to mess around with things modern audiences just don't have time for (things like 'character development' and 'setup') and I never actually found by self being board.

Oh, and if some of Coopersmith's mannerisms seem familiar; that's probably because the actor seems to channel his brother, big-shot director and one time Ritchie Cunningham, Ron Howard.

Body Count: 12
Boob Count: 2 pairs
Animal Body Count: 1
Most Memorable Death: When a zombie takes heart...

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Evilspeak - Lisa's Review


Bit of a wierd one this in some respects... in that although there were monumentally crap parts to this movie, I quite enjoyed it. For some reason, it reminded me of a male Carrie (obviously nowhere near as good, but the idea was there).

I thought we had a movie set in olden times when this one started and subtitled... I thought this is going to be a challenge with a screaming baby to contend with, but thankfully after an initial 5 minutes or so to set the scene, we switch to what would have been the present day when this movie was made.

We start with what looks like a monk/priest (very bad man!! you just know by looking at them don't you? The menacing glare usually gives it away) being banished by what must be the top dog amongst the holy men. He is accused of satanism and refuses to renounce his worship. This scene ends with possibly the worst beheading (as in crap) I have yet to see in any movie. It was rather satisying that it was the young woman with the impossibly high breasts! *snigger*.

The background set, we head to military school and meet our 'hero' if you will. - Coopersmith (I thought he was called Cooper Smith, but a check online told me otherwise). His parents have been killed in a car accident and he's been placed in this school that he otherwise would never have got into, as he's a bit slow it seems. He (like Carrie) is the misfit, the nerd, the one no-one likes. He is bullied, picked on and ridiculed by other boys and even it seems by a rather cruel minister. One thing which I found it really hard to shake through the whole film is that this is the little kid from 'Gentle Ben'... I so wish they had named a character Ben, just so he could lose him and run around shouting his name... just for the nostalgia.

Getting on to the story, while on a punishment cleaning duty of the cellar, he comes across a rather cool looking book of Black Magic with a jewelled pentagram on the front. This is obviously from our original banished priest. Coopersmith sets to translating the book and for some reason that was completely lost on me through the entire movie, he decides to follow the commands within it to worship satan (and he seems such a nice boy) and bring our nasty man back to life.

One thing I found really irritating about the movie is that the computer he uses to translate the book somehow seems to become possessed and throughout the movie, it throws up all kinds of crap statements and images. I would have much preferred the movie, had he done it the old fashioned way and went to the library and translated it.

We kick off proceedings with a drunken caretaker who wakes up and gets into a tussle with Coopersmith. This culminates inCoopersmith crying out for help and the caretaker meeting a nasty end where his head twists completely around to face the wrong direction. The special effects here are laughable btw.

Later on Coopermith leaves his book on a desk with the school secretary when he is in seeing the head teacher and she develops an obssession with the jewels on the Pentagram... consequentally we need to see her have a shower with the obligatory boob scene, then she is inexplicably attacked and eaten by wild boars. This scene is quite funny as we alternate between a vicious puppet of a boar and some very contented boars wandering about the bathroom.
We go on to a beauty contest (for whatever reason) at the school and lots of girls walking about in bikinis. I didn't really see the point of this section of the movie, but hey ho.

We go on to have Coopersmiths little pet doggie (given to him by a staff member and rare friend) killed by the bullies who are trying to give this 'computer' what it wants - blood. He however demands HUMAN blood. Hmmmmm. That fecking computer!

Meanwhile, there is a service going on upstairs where a Jesus on a crucifix seems to come to life. The veins on his wrist start to pllsate and a nail flies out of his bleeding stoney hand and lodges itself in the miniters forehead... most amusing!

You don't wanna mess with Coopersmith! He becomes possessed by our scary evil priest man and goes on a rampage. This is where the movie went all Carrie for me. Lots of people die nastilly. Very amusingly Coopersmith starts to hover above everyone with his hoisty thing, very clear to be seen underneath his very oddly shaped clothing.

He wields a very lovely sword and the best kill of the movie is a head splitting scene. There are also some awfully bad decapitations and some more hog eating to be done.

We end the movie weirdly with the caretaker who died earlier with the reverse head spin coming back to life and pulling one of the bullies still beating heart out of his chest.... getting bored of that effect now....

In conclusion, we are treated to the news via that update text you sometimes get at the end of movies (I hate that!) that Coopersmith is now in an asylum recovering from everything that happened but the computer with his crap graphics, informs us that he shall return!

I did enjoy parts of this movie, even though some of it was spectacularly bad. You could do worse than watch this one, but you're not going to see anything ground breaking, overly disgusting, creepy or witness any fantastic acting. Medicore but with its own charm.

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8 Jan 2012

Week 34 - Evilspeak

Alternate Titles : Evilspeaks
Year: 1982
Reviews / Author Comments due: 14/01/2012
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
BBFC Status: Passed uncut in 2004
IMDB: Evilspeak
Wikipedia: Evilspeak
DVD: Uncut R2 (the cheaper Prism version is cut)

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7 Jan 2012

The Evil Dead - Will's Review

I've been looking forward to this one for weeks; I haven't seen it for years, but I LOVE the sequels.

As such, this is a tough one to review on it's own merits, but screw it: These "Reviews" are supposed to act as a discussion for people who have seen (or are interested in) the movies already, hence the liberal spoiler policy, so if comparisons to Evil Dead II, or Army of Darkness show up, then they do!

I will say, right off the bat, If  you havn't seen the Evil Dead movies, stop reading, head over to your DVD retailer of choice and buy the trilogy, NOW, come back when you're through watching.

One thing that benefits this film enormously is the small cast - there are literally 5 people in the entire film; the nature of the titicular* 'Evil' (it possesses humans with Canderian Demons) mean that they don't even have to introduce extra characters as villains - the 5 main cast play both sides, with only a voice on a tape to provide a little exposition. Also, while the first possession happen early on, the deaths don't start to mount up until the films final act, which gives us plenty of time to get to know everyone.

Unfortunately, "everyone" includes Scotty, the groups requisite asshat - why does every horror movie group have to have one person that you just can't imagine ANYONE being friends with?

Aside from Scotty, there's Ash, Ashes sister Cheryl, ant the 2 guy's girlfriends, Lynda and Shelly. The group are headed out to a run-down cabin in the woods which they have rented cheaply. Once there, they find severel things, including handy shotguns, an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, and the Naturan Demanto (Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in the sequels), roughly translated (we are told) "The Book of the Dead" the tape turns out to be a reading of the book, which unleashes the evil into the woods (again - we are led to believe that this also happened when the tape was made) and the rest is horror movie history!

Speaking of the Sequels, The Ash we see here is a different man to the sequels' Ash; Here, he's far more sweet than the "Hail to the King" ladies man, and far less assured than the "This is my Broomstick" quoting hero we will come to love.

It's great to see physical effects done... if not actually well, then at least competently enough for a feature of this caliber; The stop motion may not put Harryhausen to shame, but they are good enough that their sheer charm carries them the extra few steps that they're intrinsic quality could not, and they are great to see.

Also - keep a look out for the Wes Craven shout-out - I think this is the first in a chain of Raimi and Craven referencing each other.

Oh, and a woman gets raped by a tree.

Body Count: 4
Boob Count: 0
Animal Body Count: 0
Most Memorable Death: Self-killing demons? That's handy!.

*Side note: Not only does Chrome's spell checker not know the word "Movie" (Which it always wants to correct as "Mo vie" but it wanted me to talk about the "Testicular 'Evil'" too...

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The Evil Dead - Lisa's Review


As I write the word spoilers at the top of this review, I wonder if indeed it is possible to 'spoil' anything here, as has any horror fan NOT seen this movie?

We follow a group of young teenagers into the woods and a shack where they discover a recording of a Necronomicon. Slowly they all become possessed and start to kill each other. Thats the basic plot folks and all you really need to know.

This is Sam Raimis first venture into the world of horror and its quite fitting that he makes his debut alongside Bruce Campbell who goes on to work with him in many many more projects in the future.

The Evil Dead is a favourite amongst most horror fans and although it is full of terrible (even laughable) effects which look exactly like a GCSE students plasticine project, the movie is still enjoyable on every level. I found the zombie makeup on some of the characters really good in saying that.... It does have genuine scary bits, fantastically gorey bits, laugh out loud funny bits, some great acting (which is novel for these movies) and just a general eerie feel that is missing in most movies these days. I don't know why but when I first saw The Evil Dead and when I watched it again for this review, it reminded me in style a lot of 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (one of my favourite movies). It manages to grab that feel and style sought after so much but usually missed by a mile, that feeling where you feel a little uncomfortable in places, but want to keep watching all the same.

I generally HATE comedy/horror mixes, but this one works. Weirdly the things that make it fall down (poor effects) also add to the charm of the movie and if they attempted to remake it (I hear nasty rumours about this being the case.. and no I don't mean Evil Dead 2), I don't think they could capture the same cult movie feel.

Scenes to watch out for are the possessed hand, the montage of melting plasticine figures, the dismemberment and twitching body parts, the white eyeballed and terribly face painted zombie lady under the trapdoor in the ground, spectacular hatchet kills, spewing severed limbs..... the list goes on and on.

In short, I definately recommend this to any horror fan. A must for the collection!

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1 Jan 2012

WEEK 33: The Evil Dead

Alternate Titles : Book of the Dead
Year: 1982
Reviews / Author Comments due: 7/1/2012
DPP Status: Removed from list September 1985 after the distributors fought the ban in court.
Wikipedia: The Evil Dead
DVD: R1 Uncut

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