30 Jun 2012

Night of the Demon: Will's Review

I hate to rag on micro budget movies, getting a film finished and out there is no mean feat, but for some things there's no excuse; There are plenty of good actors who will work for guild minimum, and a coherent script costs no more to write than, say, Night of the Demon...

You see, the film starts at the end, and is told in flashbeck, a common enough method, only there are several flashbacks along the way - flashbacks within flashbacks, and while many of the scenes do not feature the main character (the one doing the flashing back) the sub-flashbacks almost all have no survivors, and in one case the guy doing the main story wasn't present when the nested (and witness free) flashback was recounted! So he is recounting the recounting  of a tail which no one could have known about and which he didn't even hear!

That might sound a bit nitpicky - and it might have been, but for the fact that the film is so disjointed that it is at times borderline incoherent. Sometimes chopping a back story into portions and telling out of order is an interesting way to have us share in a protagonist's confusion or gradual discovery, (Memento, A Serbian Film) or to hide an important fact until its reveal would be more dramatic (Sixth Sense) - here it's seemingly done randomly, as the entire back-story would have been better presented in one go as the films second act. It still wouldn't have been a great film (or even an good one) but it would have at least been easier to watch.

Spoilers follow, but I wouldn't recommend you sit through the movie unless you're some kind of freak with OCD that has decided he HAS TO watch the whole DPP list, so I wouldn't bother avoiding them:

Our focus is a group of anthropology students who are investigating reported Bigfoot sightings. It turns out that Bigfoot is real, and once raped a local woman, impregnating her with his mutant offspring. Her father, a priest who witnessed the rape, killed the baby, believing it to be of demonic origin. The woman has lived on her own in a cabin in the woods ever since, and seems to get used in some rape ritual carried out by her late fathers followers, who now worship the Bigfoot. Our students basically emotionally abuse this poor woman and exhume her child's grave(!), without giving it a second thought, until Bigfoot kills all but one of them. The survivor is declared insane.

Effects wise, the deaths are terrible, but the creature himself isn't too bad (for a film of it's age and budget):

It's so patchy and non-linear that it kind of defies review beyond this, So I present an equally patchy and non-linear collection of clips and comments:

Remember that they are in this woman's home:

"Nevermind" ???? NEVERMIND??? Really?

Bigfoot think's he's Jason now apparently 
(He uses an axe on a couple of occasions too):

Best Kill in the movie:
(also the best clip in VNAW history)

Mmmm, those clips make it look better than it is; sorry about that.


Body Count: 13
Boob Count: 1 pair
Dead Animal Count: 0
Most Memorable Kill: see above.

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Night of the Demon - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ***

Well we've got a right stinker this week.  I wouldn't say it was the worst one I've watched so far on the list, but it is definately not one I would ever recommend to anyone else for any reason, other than a desire to complete the nasties list challenge.

Our basic storyline here centres around a very nasty Bigfoot who lives in a forest and likes to go around killing people in various entertaining ways.  Of course there is a willing group of cannon fodder for our monster courtesy of a group of college students (yup... yet again) and their professor who are investigating the truth behind the legend of this particular monster (or Demon if you will).

The movie actually starts by telling you how its going to end.  The professor is in hospital, all bandaged up.  The only survivor of a Bigfoot massacre.  The movie is told through a series of flashbacks, which like another movie we watched recently also made no sense as the person telling the story was not present at all the flashbacks!  Irritating!  Contingency issues is the least of our worries here though.

Where do I start?  The acting in this movie is terrible.  The script is laughable to the extreme, but not in a funny way, more in a 'I can't believe I'm watching this shit' way.  The story is oh so predictable but is full of holes.

One thing which really irritated me about the movie is the way some of the deaths or reactions to them are drawn out.  They in no way change or add anything.  The camera just stays there filming the same scene for aaaaaaaaaaaages.  I could just feel the actor hung upside down with blood dripping down his face, into his eyes and mouth thinking... 'Come on already!!!'   Also there is nothing more irritating than a screaming woman in a horror... jeeeeeeeeez you have your fair share of this here.  I refer to the first death scene which happens to a courting couple who are making love in a car.  The bloke is dragged out and onto the top of the car and murdered out of sight.  His bloody body however falls down onto the windscreen and slithers downwards (as they always do when a windscreen is involved).  The womans reaction was downright ridiculous!  How many ways did the director ask her to react?  Its like her said, 'No, try that again', she did about 20 attempts and they kept them all in!!  This is all while she is completely starkers by the way.  She does pick up something to cover herself with and decides to cover her waist with it....

The gore is ok in places, but it would have been very easy to improve the effects with a little more effort.  Gore includes an impaling on a tree, a ripped off penis when a motorcyclist stops to relieve himself, a throat slitting on a window pane, an impaling on a pitchfork, a disembowlment (this was probably the best one as he proceeds to whip the poor guys innards around the room) and the birth of a half human / half Bigfoot.

So where does the baby come from?  Well our students hear a story that a young woman called Wanda (who has a reputation for being crazy) has had an encounter of the very close kind with Bigfoot where he impregnates her.  Her father (a preacher) witnesses the rape and waits until his daughter gives birth so he can kill the offspring which he believes to be evil.  He's an odd sort, her dad.

Wanda then undergoes a ritualistic reliving of her rape every year by her fathers followers who believe the ritual somehow protects them.  Is it any wonder the girl is a little disturbed?

Our ever understanding students blunder into her home and basically force all this information out of her by way of hypnotism.  When the beans have been spilled, predictably Bigfoot makes an appearance and does away with the cast (I felt a cheer coming on.. GO BIGFOOT!).

Sadly our professor lives to tell the tale in a hospital and we are subjected to this movie.  As always with this kind of experience, everything is put down to 'madness'.

Conclusion?  This is bloody awful.  Avoid.

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24 Jun 2012

WEEK 57: Night of the Demon

Alternate Titles : NA
Year: 1980
Reviews / Author Comments due: 30/06/2012
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
Wikipedia: LINK

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23 Jun 2012

Night of the Bloody Apes - Will's Review

Badly acted, badly directed and edited, with dialogue  translated word-by-word from Spanish with no thought to syntax or English sentence formation, this is a near perfect drive-in or freinds-and-beer movie.

It's also (especially in it open moments) incredibly colorful; in fact between the opening scenes being about a pair of luchadora (costumed female Mexican wrestlers) and the gawdy Eastman color film stock, you'd be forgiven at first for thinking you'd tuned into an old episode of the 60's version of Batman. Strangly though, the plot (and even score) seem to come streight from a Black and White 50's B-movie.

Will The Red Cat's plan come to fruition, find out
next week, same bat-time, same bat channel...

Despite featuring so prominently in the opening scene, the luchadora are rarely seen again - apparently, this film is a remake of (the same director's) 1962 film Las Luchadoras contra el medico asesino ("The Wrestling Women vs. the Murderous Doctor"; U.S. title "Doctor of Doom") - in this remake the gore and nudity is ramped up, but (sadly) it is no longer the wrestler who saves the day, but her boyfriend the police lieutenant. Shame - I think I would like to see a violent version of the wrestler version (WWE Studios, are you listening?)

The plot is utter bobbins; A dotors son has leukemia, and the doc comes to the conclusion that a blood transfusion from a stronger beast (i.e. a gorilla) could cure it; but, apparently, the human heart could not handle such strong blood (!) so a heart transplant will be required too.

With this in mind, the doctor and his assistant kidnap a man in a bad gorilla suit from a nearby zoo and perform the operation. it seems though, that a side effect of the operation is that the patient will periodically change into a putty faced beast and go on murder sprees, because the gorilla heart...  pumps too much blood to the brain... or... something...

Appart from the operations (which uses genuine stock footage of heart surgery) the effects are laughably bad - an eyeball gag seems to utilize porridge, and a 'scalping' is clearly a bald man, who's head has been painted red, having his wig removed.

Aside from having a terrible plot and effects, it's also incompetently edited (why are so many of these things seemingly scored before the final cut) the dialogue has seemingly been translated from the original Spanish one word at a time, using a Spanish-to-English dictionary, by someone who speaks only the former. The result is often hilarious as the actors speak lines seemingly conjured up via Google translate:

It's worth mentioning that the dubbed version have a couple of scenes of extra violence and nudity that were not in the original Mexican version - and these are mostly very obvious; never more so than when a woman has her dress torn at the shoulder when the beast grabs at her and then, after killing her boyfriend, the beast grabs her again and rips the top half of her dress almost completely off while dry humping her. When she escapes and runs to a nearby shop for help, the dress has miraculously heal itself back to its original shoulder tear...

All in a a terible, terible film, that I'm sure would be great in the right crowd, with the right refreshments; Unfortunately, I saw it alone, so missed the chance to experience it for all its so-bad-it's-good glory; it was there, clear as day, but alone it just didn't work. I'll tell you this though; if I ever win the lotto and open that revival cinema I always promise myself I will, I'm showing this movie!

Body Count: 9
Boob Count: 2 Pairs
Animal Body Count: 1
Most memorable kill: I need that wig to survive!!!
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Night of the Bloody Apes - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ***

I read the title of this one and thought 'oh gawd, here we go.  How can this possibly be any good?'.  I slightly shame myself however to admit that I enjoyed this one, BUT for all the wrong reasons.  For me, this one was a 'So bad its good' movie.  I found myself tittering all the way through.  Just when you were getting over the humor of the last cheesy line, terrible peace of acting, awful effect or desperately flawed storyline, lo and behold, something else happens to amuse you!

So where do I start?  The movie is dubbed and is originally spanish.  I speak a bit of spanish (not much admittedly, but the script would have made more sense to me in its original language).  The dubbing is awful and the actual translation itself seems to have no consideration for how it might sound in english, but is rather a crude literal translation of the original language.  That did just add to the fun for me though.

The storyline here follows a surgeon, Dr Kralman and his hapless, limping, gormless side-kick Goyo.  The Dr's son Julio has leukemia and for reasons I could not understand needed gorilla blood to cure him.  This blood however would have been too strong for the human heart, so the gorilla heart had to be transplanted as well.  Sooo what do they do?  They go to a zoo and get themselves an ape of course!!  This is where the only good piece of gore in the movie takes place and that would be because it was real.  Actual footage of real open heart surgery was spliced into the movie.  What perplexed me about it however is how shaky and incompetant the hands of the real surgeon appeared!  I certainly wouldn't want his hands in my chest cavity, thats for sure!
So, the son comes around, but he now has a ridiculous ape face, that looks like its been put on by that brown window putty you used to get years ago (can you still get that?).  He also has an insatiable need to attempt to rape women (I say attempt as he never actually manages that) and murder them.  I think the rape part was just as excuse for the movie to get as many pairs of tits and arse cheeks out as they could as there need be no hint of an excuse for a pair to pop out and Oooops, out they come.  'Oh dear!  I'm running.  I'm not wearing a bra, my boobs seem to have mysteriously popped out of my dress.. dearie me'.   Later followed by 'I've just taken a shower, someone has come to the door.  I won't do what a normal person would and ignore it, or pull a dressing gown on... no, I think I shall wander to the door with a towel wrapped around my front so my arse is hanging out.  Nice look that'.  I also learned that women like to make mundane calls to their boyfriends when completely nude, with NO ulterior motive, Hmmmmmm.

Anyways Nudity covered (mwahahahaha) the next humorous thing was the effects.  We had an eyeball gouging (which would usually have me cringing, I'm not good with eyeballs) but if a pile of fatty looking mash is what's behind an eyeball, I have a lot to learn.  A toupe is pulled off a bald mans painted head (I loved that bit!) and a sellotaped piece of latex is torn away from someones neck.

We also manage to return to the start of the movie where we had 2 women wrestling (although it was clearly big men in the wrestling scenes and not the slim women shown before the fight started).  One was very badly injured and ended up in hospital in a coma.  When our surgeon dad realises what has happened to his son due to the gorilla heart, he decides to remove the female wrestlers heart and transplant it into him.  Here we have another excuse for boobs to come out.  Goyo disposes of her in the hospital furnace but sadly Julio still resorts back to his monkey-boy self.

Nearing the end of the movie, Julio runs wild at the hospital and captures a little girl.  His dad manages to convince him to hand the little girl over and in true King Kong Style, he is gunned down where is stands on top of the roof.  Finally as with werewolves, he then turns back to his normal self as he lies dying, we have some 'Walton-like' music and hey presto, its all over.

Little about this movie is good in the sense that it is meant to, but I still found I enjoyed it and would watch it again with friends.

Watch if you like a good laugh at 'So bad its good' movies!

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17 Jun 2012

WEEK 57: Night of the Bloody Apes

Alternate Titles : La Horror Pilante Bestia Humana (The Horrible Human Beast), Horror y Sexo (Horror and Sex), Gomar the Human Gorilla
Year: 1969
Reviews / Author Comments due: 23/06/12
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
BBFC Status: Passed uncut in 2012 - Be aware that the film is listed on the BBFCs website as 'passed without cuts' in 1999 and 2002; these versions have a shorter runtime, and were evidently cut by the distributor prior to submission.
Wikipedia: LINK
DVD: Currently the UK version is cut, although it was passed uncut 3 months ago, so expect a region 2 release soon. In the meantime the US version is uncut.

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16 Jun 2012

Mardi Gras Massacre - Will's Review

Remember last week I told you not to read spoilers until you'd seen the movie? Not so much this week...

Dull, badly acted and amateurishly edited, MDM doesn't even deliver a massacre! Reading spoilersis highly recommended as it will save you the effort of sitting through the damn thing!

The movie centers around a guy (never named who worships some ancient goddess (she is never named either) and so sacrifices naked women to her (and plays with their insides a bit) in his very own alter room.

If you want to see that, go watch Blood Feast - that wasn't very good either, but at least Herschell Gordon Lewis delivered the gore!
For some reason his 'evil' goddess requires the blood of 'evil women' - our guy's solution? He frequents bars full of hookers (of which it would seem New Orleans is full) and asks for well...

How do you even begin to answer this?

By the way; does anyone actually worship something they think is 'evil'? I'd always assumed that people believed their own deities to be in the right, and that it was opposing religions who branded them evil... But I digress...

Despite his strange request, the only thing witnesses have to say once the police turn up is 'he had an unusual [finger] ring' - the police even have a sketch of the ring made, which is so detailed that it is successfully used to locate him (apparently food delivery boys pay as much attention to rings as hookers do). Oddly not one witness mentions his hunt for 'evil women' and, although several people have seen him, they do not have a sketch of his face drawn up, just his ring!

Anyway, after paying over the odds (apparently Mardi Gras is like a bank holiday for working girls) for 3 hookers, he drugs them in one of cinemas time lapse sequences:
I Swear I have not edited this clip!

Mardi Gras itself is wasted, showing up only briefly (his murders occur the 3 weeks before the day itself) and our killer uses a mask to vanish into the crowd, but not in a way that builds any suspense (or even interest) and only very briefly.

The movie doesn't even have any kind of resolution. After rescuing the 3 hookers, the police corner our guy, who then steals a cop car from right under their noses and deliberately drives into the dock (via a convenient ramp). The car is later recovered, but his body is missing. The (abrupt) end!

There's also a pointless subplot in which one of the cops starts dating one of the hookers.

What I learned from this movie:
  • Hookers hearts are massive (about the size of pig hearts)
  • Hookers take the day off for Mardi Gras.
  • Contrary to what you may have been told), homosexual men stay indoors for Mardi Gras (as we learn from this completely random scene, featuring our lead cops, and a guy who doesn't appear in the movie at all outside of this scene)

Body Count: 3
Boob Count: 7 Pairs
Most Memorable Death: All are the same.

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Mardi Gras Massacre - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ***

I'm not going to waste anyone's time with this weeks review.  I'm not in any way confused with my viewpoints this week- This movie is shite!

To start with, there is certainly no massacre and there is no hint of it being Mardi Gras until right at the end of the movie, so how they came up with the title is anyones guess.

The acting (especially by the 'bad guy') is absolutely horrendous to the point of hilarious.  His speech is monotone and he constantly attempts to sound menacing but only succeeds in sounding retarded.

This is basically like watching 'Blood Feast' all over again.  Everything is eerilly similar, but if it is possible, this movie is much, much worse.

The basic premis is our guy goes into a 'gentlemans club' shall we say.. and asks for the most evil prostitute.  While we're on the subject of the place, I found myself wondering what the hell was going on with the 'dancers'.  Anyone who finds them remotely alluring with their crap 70's style Top of The Pops dancing needs help.

So back to the premis.  He goes off home with an evil prostitute and proceeds to tie them to a 'bed'.  He then pours hot oil over them and massages them, goes behind a curtain and comes out dressed in a ridiculous gold mask.  He then proceeds to cut their hands and feet and cut into their abdomen (with really bad latex effects) and pulling out their hearts.  I use 'their' all the way through this, as the deaths of all the women are identical in every case!  It made me wonder what on earth the point was of showing them all?

All the while this is going on there are completely inept cops trying to solve the case.  One of them strikes up a relationship with one of the prostitutes (who obviously is going to end up at the mercy of our nutcase) and they finally manage to track the guy down with her help and some questioning.

The ending is crap which is just what I expected.  No high point here (well I suppose it ended, that's a high point).  It all falls to a very swift, brief , very disappointing anti-climax.

I would say 'Avoid' to everyone.  The only reason to watch this one is if, like us, you want to do the 'Nasties'  list in its entirety!  I for one will never be watching it again.

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10 Jun 2012

WEEK 56: Mardi Gras Massacre

Alternate Titles : N/A
Year: 1978
Reviews / Author Comments due: 16/06/2012
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
BBFC Status: Still banned
Wikipedia: LINK

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9 Jun 2012

Madhouse - Lisa's Review

I have just finished watching this and struggle to work out exactly what I thought of it.

The first 3/4 of this movie is sooooooooooo slow and dull, I found it very hard to maintain an interest.  As with a previous movie, it felt like some of the scenes were actually never going to end.  The ending of the movie however does kind of make up for the dragging nature of the rest of the movie.

The basic premis here is a woman who has an identical twin who she hasn't seen since childhood and doesn't particularly want to due to the abusive nature of the relationship.  The uncle of these women try to bring them both together again by bringing our main leading lady (your typical lovely lady who couldn't be any nicer....even works with deaf children) to hospital to visit her twin (nasty bitch... nothing much else needs to be said) as she is very ill and is suffering from terrible facial deformity.  She typically learns nothing much has changed when she relents and visits her sister to find her as evil and twisted as she ever was.

This is where things started to draaaaaaaag.  There was no pace about the movie at all and you wondered where it was all going most of the time.  To be honest I thought I had it worked out in that I assumed there wasn't actually a sister at all and there were 2 sides to the same womans personality.  There we go I thought!  Got this one figured out.  Rookie mistake, I was actually wrong!

So lots of people ended up getting killed all over the place, there doesn't seem to be any rules in that respect.  We got women, different ethnicities, women, a deaf child, animals.....  In fact the animal deaths in these are hilarious! (and that's coming from someone who HATES any kind of depiction of animal cruelty or death on screen).  They are just too bad to be in any way offensive or believable.  The rottweiler surely regrets his attempt at a 'Heeeeeeeeeeeeeres Johnny' re-inactment.

As we approach the ending to the movie (maybe last 15-20 minutes) it got a little bit interesting.  The 'uncle' who I did think was a bit odd and creepy (a bit like someone you imagine probably interferes with children...) turns out to be the murderer, knocking everybody off throughout the movie, but he is in cohoots with the evil twin, who is actually the best thing about the movie in my book - complete space cadet!  There is one scene early in the movie where she pops up and stabs someone and I was convinced it was a mannequin such was her stilted and weird movements, which made it a bit creepy.  Her facial expression was completely manic too.  I think after seeing that particular scene I expected a bit more from the movie.

Anyways, I deviate.  The last 15 minutes are actually quite good and if about half of the movie had been redone, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, as the start was ok, the ending was good, but the crap inbetween was hard work!  Shame, it did have all the elements for a pretty creepy movie.

A special mention has to go to the axe job on nasty uncles back.  Niiiiice!

So in conclusion, you probably could so much worse than watch this one.  It is one of the better ones on the list in my humble opinion, but there is a massive lack of pace to most of the movie and I assure you that you will end up thinking, 'Why couldn't the rest of the movie have been like the last 15 minutes'.  Its not quite good enough to achieve a 'recommends' in my book, but I wouldn't say avoid like the plague.

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Madhouse - Wills Review

Right off the bat I'm going to tell you I enjoyed this one. It's a slasher, which puts me on 'home turf' as were, so I may be a little biased, but I really enjoyed it.

Don't get me wrong, it can drag a little in the first two acts, but once things start to unfold... The last 20 mins is more than worth the price of admission; not because of any over the top gore (worst luck) but what it lacks in the red stuff in more than makes up for in batshit insanity!

And it has a really bad glove puppet dog in it too!

The trouble is that the good stuff all happens after a twist at around the hour mark, so if you read any further you're going to have it spoiled.

Go away right now, and don't come back until you've seen the film!

Oh, and make sure it's the one from 1981 - there are about a million (well, 6) completely unrelated films all called "Madhouse".


Still here? Good, So you've seen the film and don't need a synopsis.

I dug the twist, and I really dug that they set up a false twist. Between Julia's account of her sisters abuse ("It was almost like I was doing it to myself") and the fact that we never saw the killers face I was convinced it was her... but no!

Then her uncle turned out to be the killer, and I was positive the sister was already dead - but now, she was (one of the) killer(s), and they are working together!

Then the uncle kills her too - Genius!

I can even forgive the dog killing, because the dog" that got killed was more like Spit than a real Rottweiler! (Did anyone else notice that the dog was clearly really friendly, and had clips holding his mouth in a fake snarl?), and the Cat (presumably) got killed off screen.

So yes, It could have been a bit better paced, and yes it would have been nice to see some gore, but I loved the insane uncle so much that I'm giving this one my seal of approval.

Body Count: 6
Boob Count: 0
Animal Body Count: 2

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3 Jun 2012

WEEK 55: Madhouse

Alternate Titles : There Was a Little Girl, And When She Was Bad, Flesh and the Beast, Scared to Death
Year: 1981
Reviews / Author Comments due: 09/06/2012
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
BBFC Status: Passed uncut in 2004
Wikipedia: LINK

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2 Jun 2012

Love Camp 7 - Lisa's Review

Well yet another Nazi Sexploitation movie... YAWN.    What can I say that hasn't been said 100 times before about this kind of movie.

There was some kind of story here to begin with.   It centers a POW camp where Jewish females are used as prostitutes for Nazi officers mainly (Love Camp 7).   Two female American soldiers are sent into 'Love Camp 7' to attempt to rescue a female assistant to a scientist to gain knowledge about his work on a new weapon.   They have been trained to memorize everything they read to give them a plausable background story and to enable them to convince the woman they are allies and have been sent in to rescue that they are indeed there to help her and are not nazi spies.

Sadly the story is left behind when we enter the 'Love Camp' when it is very clear from the script, angles, camera work and direction, that the movie is purely just a typical sexploitation movie getting in as much female frontal nudity, torture, squirming, rapes and violence.  The movie seems to be directed specifically for that purpose.  I won't even go into detail about what happens and to whom it happens, but this kind of thing shown for kicks just gets my goat every time so I'll treat it with the distain that it deserves.

The supposed big confrontation and escape as well as the ending is downright laughable to top it all.    Interesting to see Picadilly Circus back then though...

Its quite sad as there could have been a decent film underneath had it been handled properly, but the desire to make this piece of crap was obviously overwhelming so even the most determined of viewers would struggle to pick out a plotline or story worth making this palatable.

If you want to watch a decent movie with a good story line, believable script and good acting, avoid this like the plague... if on the other hand, you like to watch violent sex, torture and abuse and are a complete mysogynistic w*nker, then this is right up your alley!  Knock yourself out!

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Love Camp 7 - Will's Review

Nazi sexploitation. Again. This time with really bad German accents (except from the token 'nice' soldier, who sounds remarkably not-German).

I think the thing that bugs me about these things is that Nazi run enforced Jewish 'staffed' brothels did exist, and I'm sure there's a few great, if harrowing, stories to be told, so long as the material is handled sensitively. The subject matter, however, is not at all suited to the LOOK AT THE TITS!!! approach.

The story this time around is that an allied sympathising Jewish scientist's assistant who worked for the nazis(!) was feeding our side information, but was sent to Love Camp 7 when the scientist she was working with died. 2 allied officers (women of course) are sent to pretend to be Jews and infiltrate the camp by allowing themselves to be captured.


Except, it even fails on that level, as the 'rapes' are all committed without the men so much as unbuttoning their flys, much less removing their trousers, so we are 'treated' to repeated and prolonged scenes of men in (the bottom halves of) Nazi uniforms dry humping and clumsily groping struggling or crying naked women.

The highlight of the movie is the 'vicious' guard dog who is supposedly chomping at the bit to attack the women while they are being hosed down; except he is clearly excitedly trying to play with the stream of water and has had some growing dubbed in.

Oh, and the whole thing is told in flashback by someone who wasn't there...

Ineptly made, offensive, not sexy, not entertaining and not worth your time.

Body count: 8
Boob Count: 10 pairs.
Most memorable Death: shot through the shoulder.

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