30 May 2011

Watch 4 of the Nasties online - Free and Legal!

After the jump, Links to 4 of the movies to stream for online viewing.

The Driller Killer - Streaming or Download

Flesh for Frankenstein  - Streaming

The House by the Cemetery - Streaming

Tenebrae - Streaming

"The Driller Killer" in in the Public Domain, and should be available indefinitely; The other 3 may not always be available - watch while you can!

Let us know in comments if you find any more.

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29 May 2011

WEEK 2: Anthropophagous

Alternate Titles : Anthropophagous: The Beast, The Grim Reaper, Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper, Man Eater, The Savage Island
Year: 1980
Reviews / Author Comments due: 04/06/2011
Added to DPP List: November 1983
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
BBFC Status: Not Submitted
Wikipedia: Antropophagus

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28 May 2011

Absurd - Lisa's Review

So this kicks off the 'Video Nasty a week' challenge as undertaken by myself, Will and Darren. I'm relatively new to these kind of movies, so how well I do with regards to watching them all remains to be seen, but as an avid movie fan and someone who likes a challenge, I thought I'd give it a go.

My main thought after watching this movie is why on earth is it considered a 'nasty'? Why was it successfully prosecuted? I have read the background and was quite surprised that it seems a popular choice, it inspired a rock band so much they used the title as their name and it has even been compared to an Italian 'Halloween'. I did watch a lot of horrors in the 80's having a father who is a big horror fan and honestly found those much more horrific than this movie.

I don't expect much in the way of a storyline while watching these movies, but the entire cast here need enrolling for some kind of acting lessons. The adults overact or in the case of the first murder victim don't react facially at all, the actors paid to loan their voices to the movie (as its an Italian movie) sound like they are just reading badly from a page, but the most irritating thing of all is the little boy in the movie... Will. I would gladly take and shake him! That would probably make for some more horrific footage than anything shown here.

The music, rather than set the scene and add to the story, just bloody irritates you. I found myself sat turning the sound up and down the whole way through to block it out when it started. They really pushed the boat out with Bontempi for this one.

I also found this movie was cut together really badly. Rather than pass seamlessly from one scene to another, it sharply cuts from a scene of normality and dialogue to a murder scene.

Another irritation is one of those things a lot of movies feel the need to do which is explain every little thing, either with badly written dialogue or a jerky zoom in to whatever item they want you to realise tells the next part of the story..... I'm not thick.. let me work it out for myself!

With regards to the 'gore', Ok so I realise this is early 80's but having seen a lot of supposedly less gorey 80's horrors, this was nowhere near them in effects and realism. The blood was too red... regardless of where the victim was bleeding from. Surely the movie makers realise not all blood looks like poster paint. The consistency however is not bad. The fake skin is horrendous.. thats probably the worst bit. Rather than leave you feeling squeamish and horrified, it makes you laugh at how ridiculous it looks.

I will give the writer his dues, that the ideas behind the murders were generally good and had promise, had they been executed (no pun intended) properly.

In complete contrast however, the latter half of the film has a 'head in oven' scene which is very well done. Not very gorey but the make-up is great, its very realistic and avoids the temptation to overdo it, the effect works well, the acting is actually good in this part and you do feel the horror of the situation. It really made me wonder why they got the rest of the movie so wrong, when this part was so right?

I won't give the supposed 'twist' of the movie away but you'll probably (like me) see it coming a mile off. I wish they'd put more thought into how they were going to play out this scene as its a bit of an anti-climax to be honest and there is just too much wrong with it (by way of inconsistencies and 'its-a-miracle' like recoveries) to take any of it seriously. The closing scene has probably the best gore of the entire movie, but I don't think its worth wading through the rest of the dirge to get to this bit. On the other hand, its not bad enough to watch for laughs like some of these movies.

In conclusion, I'd say if you want to watch something for the gore, don't bother, theres bugger all in the way of proper gore here. If you want to feel tension and peril, again don't bother, there is more of all of these changing my sons nappy. Sadly if you want to view it for laughs with friends, again, its not quite bad enough to do that with either.

I would only recommend this to someone who, like us, wants to watch our way through this list just so they can see them all, say they have and hopefully find some gems in the process. I know there will be much worse than this movie (I've seen them) but I'm genuinely hoping on day 1 of this challenge, there is much better.

Oven Scene = 9/10
Gore = 2/10
Makeup = 5/10 (mostly for the oven scene)
Disgust Rating = 0/10
Story = 2/10
Acting = 3/10
Overall movie rating = 2/10

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Absurd - Will's Review

I cannot for the life of me see how this movie found itself on the DPP list; much less how it was Successfully Prosecuted; It boggles the mind a a jury could watch this and find it sufficiently offensive to jail people over!

With the Tile "Absurd", and the US title "Horrible" I was so hoping to hate this film - the review would have written itself!

Okay, opens with the most casual "Chase" sequence I've ever seen (it looks like 2 guys just out for a jog) the "Acting" (both from the origional Italian actors, and the US voice actors hired to do the dubbing) is mostly terrible, and some of the effects are less than special, but it has a certain charm to it, and with another pass of the script and a better cast, I think it could actually have been quite good!.

When 2 men arrive form Greece to a small town (I believe, despite its Italian roots, the film is set in the USA), things take a turn for the strange - One of the men has seriously accelerated regeneration / healing powers (he needs to be operated on after impaling himself on a fence during the aforementioned jog, and almost heals while still in theatre) the other is a mysterious priest, reluctant to divulge any information about himself, or healing-man.

We're also introduced to a family who's members include a girl on traction for a deviated spine, and the most irritating boy in the world, who's reaction to not enjoying a TV show seems to be to pull "I'm pooing myself" faces and then have the fakeist tantrum in the history of film:


The priest also gets what is now officially my 2nd favourite priest-line (after the 'Braindead' / 'Dead Alive' classic "I kick arse for The Lord"); The line "I serve god with Biochemistry" is delivered without a trace of irony or humour.

By about the 20 minute mark, the movie has all the trappings of a decent mystery, and the last half hour of the film is very reminiscent of a low-rent "Halloween", right down to the films moody electronic score, which  recalls Carpenters classic theme. And some genuine tension is somehow squeezed out of "Indestructible killer v's Near-crippled Girl" which is impressive.

The movie also has a great (but Cheesy) final shot, that may have been meant as a sequel setup, but was more likely just intended to be a 'sting' (although it does feature the most awkward lingering close up of ever survivor in turn).

There are better ways to kill a couple of hours, and it's not a "get the beers in" movie, but if you can borrow a copy for free, it's worth a look when you're board one Sunday afternoon.

Human Body Count: 6
Animal Body Count: 1 (implied)
Boobs: 0
Most memorable death: Worlds fastest pre-heating oven.

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Absurd - Darren's Review

To review the 'apparently' infamous ABSURD isn’t going to take long.
Don’t be coerced into wasting life watching this by the fact is managed to achieve status of the DPP list. Personally, I don’t think it deserves to be on there, and if it wasn’t, unless you were unlucky to see it upon release, you'd never even have heard of the damned thing anyway.
I'm not going to waste any of my time or anyone else’s by segmenting this poor effort of a film,
I will however briefly gloss over reasons why it should be avoided.

Video nasty? bollocks, the 'gore' is pathetic, then again at least it's consistent like the acting.
Ok, granted, 1 scene has some passable make-up effects, but this itself is deviously improved by the fact the rest of the effects are shite.
Cinematography, atmosphere, cast & script are all pitifully poor. It's almost like they tried to make a naff Horror 'spaghettified'. It can’t even be sniggered at for being ‘so bad its funny’ as it worse.
Christ, the fact it's an Italian horror from the Dawn of the nasties makes this even more embarrassing.
Redeeming feature? Well, if you own an original big-box video release, sell the f*cker as it's apparently quite valuable, then buy yourself something worth talking about.
If I ever find myself climbing out of a grave in a Pet Cemetery, I won’t be reliving this.

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22 May 2011

WEEK 1: Absurd

Alternate Titles : Rosso Sangue, Horrible, The Monster Hunter; Anthropophagus 2, Zombie 6
Year: 1981
Reviews / Author Comments due: 28/05/2011
Added to DPP List: November 1983
DPP Status: Successfully Prosecuted
IMDB: Horrible
Wikipedia: Absurd (film)

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20 May 2011

Beginning after the end.

As you may have read, rapture is due on Saturday so Christ's followers will ascend to heaven leaving the rest of us with time to kill while we wait for Armageddon.

If we're still arround on Sunday, we're going to hell anyway, so there doesn't seem to be much to lose; in which case we may as well indulge in those vile, hedonistic movies known as "Video Nasties".

So that's the plan, one a week until we run out of movies on the DPP list, or the world ends (whichever is sooner).

There will be regular revues or comments from our authors, as well as somewhere for you, our readers, to leave their own reviews, and in October we'll be deviating from the list to shake it up a bit for Halloween.

So join us, watch as many of the movies as you can, and treat the discussion threads like a nasty little film club - We kick off on the week beginning the 22nd with "Absurd", Reviews posted on or soon after the 28th. (full viewing schedule on the link at the top of every page).

Stay Nasty, and remember; They're Only Movies... Only Movies... Only Movies...