24 Dec 2011

The Dorm That Dripped Blood - Lisa's Review


I watched this one last week so hopefully I'll remember enough to review it.

The only thing you probably need to know about 'The dorm that dripped blood' is that it is a typical - been done 100 times - teen slasher movie from the 80's. I've certainly seen much much worse movies in my time, but I have to say it didn't grab me, purely as I'm not a fan of this kind of movie.

All the elements are there, nerdy blokes, jocks, pretty girls and misunderstood loner guy who everyone suspects is the killer all along (apart from any viewer with anything resembling a brain cell) but who is actually not. I typed the word 'spoilers' at the top of this review, but I would be very surprised if any reader/viewer couldn't predict most of this movie.

The basic premis here is a group of college students staying behind at their college building over the holidays to help clear the building and get it ready for an impending shutdown... why students would be doing this is anyones guess. We have one girl who suddenly cannot stay and as her parents come to pick her up, the murders start with her dad, then her mum, finishing with her. We continue through the movie with the inevitable dispatch of the rest of our characters. I usually like to play a 'what order will they be killed in' game. I didn't do too badly with this one if you're wondering.

Deaths include a spiked bat through the head, strangulation (I found this one most amusing down to the time it takes the victim to react to whats actually happening), running over with a car, a drill to the head, boiling to death and death by cop. We also have a dismembered body discovered by poor scared female star, who must overcome her fear to steal a machete from the body... text book stuff.

Like I said, its not the worst movie I've ever seen, but having seen so many of them and their time having been and gone long ago, for me, this movie doesn't hold its own in todays market or any appeal for me like some of the more classic nasties may. Dated movies don't bother me, if they have a charm, but sadly I didn't find anything charming about this one.

The acting was awful in places and ok in others, the storyline was very stereotypical of the era, the deaths were nothing shocking or surprising and the supposed twist was obvious enough for a child to work out before we get halfway into the movie.

If you're a medicore slasher fan with nothing better to do, then you could do worse than check this out, but if you prefer to be shocked, surprised or have your brain cells stimulated - best avoid.

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