9 Jun 2012

Madhouse - Lisa's Review

I have just finished watching this and struggle to work out exactly what I thought of it.

The first 3/4 of this movie is sooooooooooo slow and dull, I found it very hard to maintain an interest.  As with a previous movie, it felt like some of the scenes were actually never going to end.  The ending of the movie however does kind of make up for the dragging nature of the rest of the movie.

The basic premis here is a woman who has an identical twin who she hasn't seen since childhood and doesn't particularly want to due to the abusive nature of the relationship.  The uncle of these women try to bring them both together again by bringing our main leading lady (your typical lovely lady who couldn't be any nicer....even works with deaf children) to hospital to visit her twin (nasty bitch... nothing much else needs to be said) as she is very ill and is suffering from terrible facial deformity.  She typically learns nothing much has changed when she relents and visits her sister to find her as evil and twisted as she ever was.

This is where things started to draaaaaaaag.  There was no pace about the movie at all and you wondered where it was all going most of the time.  To be honest I thought I had it worked out in that I assumed there wasn't actually a sister at all and there were 2 sides to the same womans personality.  There we go I thought!  Got this one figured out.  Rookie mistake, I was actually wrong!

So lots of people ended up getting killed all over the place, there doesn't seem to be any rules in that respect.  We got women, different ethnicities, women, a deaf child, animals.....  In fact the animal deaths in these are hilarious! (and that's coming from someone who HATES any kind of depiction of animal cruelty or death on screen).  They are just too bad to be in any way offensive or believable.  The rottweiler surely regrets his attempt at a 'Heeeeeeeeeeeeeres Johnny' re-inactment.

As we approach the ending to the movie (maybe last 15-20 minutes) it got a little bit interesting.  The 'uncle' who I did think was a bit odd and creepy (a bit like someone you imagine probably interferes with children...) turns out to be the murderer, knocking everybody off throughout the movie, but he is in cohoots with the evil twin, who is actually the best thing about the movie in my book - complete space cadet!  There is one scene early in the movie where she pops up and stabs someone and I was convinced it was a mannequin such was her stilted and weird movements, which made it a bit creepy.  Her facial expression was completely manic too.  I think after seeing that particular scene I expected a bit more from the movie.

Anyways, I deviate.  The last 15 minutes are actually quite good and if about half of the movie had been redone, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, as the start was ok, the ending was good, but the crap inbetween was hard work!  Shame, it did have all the elements for a pretty creepy movie.

A special mention has to go to the axe job on nasty uncles back.  Niiiiice!

So in conclusion, you probably could so much worse than watch this one.  It is one of the better ones on the list in my humble opinion, but there is a massive lack of pace to most of the movie and I assure you that you will end up thinking, 'Why couldn't the rest of the movie have been like the last 15 minutes'.  Its not quite good enough to achieve a 'recommends' in my book, but I wouldn't say avoid like the plague.

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