22 Aug 2012

Revenge of The Boogeyman - Lisa's Review

So finally we review the long awaited 'Revenge of The Boogeyman'... well I hope none of you were waiting with baited breath...I highly doubt it to your credit.  Much sympathy should be forthcoming for myself and Will for having to sit through this travesty.  If it wasn't enough to have to sit through The Boogeyman, we were subjected to pretty much sitting through a re-hash of the same movie by way of flashbacks.

For this movie we follow Lacey from the original as she visits a friend in the city.  She relives the events of the first movie when she is convinced to commit her experiences to celluloid.  Please gawd nooooooooooooo.  We don't need to sit through any more 'Boogeymen' thank you very much (NB:  There is another one.... Redux... we shall be visiting that in our future project after completing The Nasties).  Anyways... I deviate.   As I said, the first half of the movie is basically clips from 'The Boogeyman' with some explanations as to what is going on.  Its effective enough and probably manages to make the previous installment look a little more interesting than it actually was.  There are some odd additions though, like weird sound effects and odd echoing added to voices.  I don't know what exactly the director was trying to achieve, but he failed miserably I'm sure.

When we've done with the flashbacks, we're basically treated to a pile of tosh. A lot of laughable deaths, bad acting and inexplicable situations.  If you don't hear yourself say "But Why....." at least once while waiting the deaths or the lead-up to them, I would be somewhat surprised.

Amongst the deaths are (and before I start, I promise I'm not joking) deaths by electric toothbrush, shaving foam, ice tongs and a car exhaust, which a young woman was completely unable to tear herself away from. It would be hilarious if it weren't so frustratingly awful.  She walks to the back of a car in a garage.  A ladder falls and bangs into her backside, knocking her forwards and as she falls towards the ground at the back of the car, the sudden urge to open her mouth and wrap it around the exhaust pipe on her way down (no pun  intended) emerges.  If that isn't enough to stomach... as the car revs away (by way of an invisible foot) she keeps a hold of the exhaust!!  I mean give it up woman dear!!!  WTF was that all about???

As well as the deaths being... well crap, the aghast expressions on the victims faces before they meet their maker is even worse - a wide-mouthed gawp for about 10 seconds while comtemplating their demise.  Also the lighting goes to pot and there is the reflection of a shard of glass (I neglected to say Lacey carries the original shard from the first movie around with her and a weird butler at her friends house discovers it and steals it) shone in their faces before anything kicks off.  Do they clear off?  Do they hell!!  They stand around looking nonchalent, before we get the 10 second gawp and then the eventual laughable death.

I don't know what more I can say about it really.  I realise this is a bit of a pants review, but the thought of going into detail about basically.... well nothing happening of any consequence was more than I could stomach at the minute. 

The only thing I would pass on to you about this movie, is that I think everyone should avoid it at all costs.   One for Nasties completists only!


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