25 Aug 2012

SS Experiment Love Camp - Will's Review

Our last Nazi Nasty! Horray! And this one isn't even that bad (by the, admittedly low, standard set by the others anyway).

The basic premise is the same as in all of these things; female POWs are kept at a special camp where they will act as whores to the third reich, and nasty experiments shall be run on them.

This time though, the women are German political prisoner (rather than Jewish women as is the norm) and are warranted slightly better treatment - they are rewarded for complicity, and (although they have no choice and therefor this is still rape) the sexual encounters are much gentler than we are used to, and do not at least look like violent assaults.

Likewise the experiments are (mostly) related to sex, with the exception of a strange electric chair bit, a few who are stuffed into the incinerator unconscious, rather than dead, and experimental overy transplants, which universally end in death.

There's also a semblance of a story this time; the colonel who runs the camp is unable to 'preform' because his testicles were bitten off (!) and he is using the sex-based experiments to find a suitable donor for testicle transplant surgery.

For all that though, this is still a film we've seen several times before these last 66 weeks, albeit a watered down version, so I really don't have much else to say, so I'll leave you with a question:
What indeed...

Body Count: 23
Boob Count: 18 Pairs 

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