18 Aug 2012

Snuff - Lisa's Review

I'm not going to beat about the bush this week.  This movie is monumentally awful!!!  I usually try to come up with a positive about our movies, but this week, I'm afraid I am struggling in a big way.  The best thing about this movie is the publicity campaign which was the reason so many poor sods ended up watching it.  The possibility of viewing an actual snuff movie was obviously a big pull.  Unfortunately for them, this was a previously released and unsuccessful Argentinian movie called 'Slaughter', which the director took and made changes to (included an additional ending supposed to be a piece of snuff) and they were to be bitterly disappointed.

The movie doesn't tie together well at all.  Whats wrong with it I hear you ask?  Where do I start?  The dubbing is laughable - lips don't move at the same time as people speak, voices don't match characters, one of our main characters voices sounds like its coming through a speaker....  Then there's the editing.  Scenes end and cut away abruptly and you're left thinking  WTF?.... well I suppose I was thinking that most of the time anyway.  There are copious continuity errors that would keep error spotting nerds entertained for hours on end.  Every character in the movie is unlikable, horrid and you want to see die (a bunch of greasy, druggie hippy females who enjoy torturing each other and getting their norks out and their Manson-inspired leader Saataan.. Hmmmm great name).

The 1 main scene the movie seems to base all its advertising on, is in the last few minutes of the movie and it sooooo isn't worth sitting through the other 80 minutes just to get there.  The special effects are poor and I'm sat there spotting continuity errors rather than watching whats going on.  Also it bears no relation to what is going on in the rest of the movie, so there is no tying up and you're left wondering where the story (well, loosely speaking) went.

This is a movie I would definately never recommend to anyone, in fact I would go out of my way to tell people to avoid this one.   Wish someone would create a new 'nasties' list with something worth getting bent out of shape about.  At least with movies that contain scenes I struggle to watch, you can see how they warranted a place on the list, but with banal crap like this, its way beyond disappointing.


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