16 Nov 2012

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Evil Dead : The Musical - Lisa's Review

So the last one on our Shocktober list is a musical!!  Yes, you heard me right.  Evil Dead - The Musical to be precise.   Now I am not a fan of musicals and even moreso when they are not in the medium they need to be in (sat in front of a stage), but hey you got to give it a go.

I wouldn't say I sat down and enjoyed this movie/screener of the musical as its not meant to be watched like this, but I can say this did make me want to go see it.  It looks like it would be an awesome night out with friends.   It is a must see for horror fans, even moreso for Evil Dead fans.

I like the movie, but am not a die-hard fan, so I would probably miss a lot of the humour (and this musical is very much coming from a funny place) and 'In' jokes, so I'm sure big fans would enjoy it more than me, but I would like to see it none the less.

They have also created a 'Splatter Zone' in the first few rows where audience members are spattered with blood periodically throughout the show.  I can imagine these seats sell out pretty fast!

One thing I've never been a fan of is the mixing of horror and humour (apart from a few exceptions, most notably Shaun of the Dead), but this seems to work.  I certainly will be off to see it if it ever ventures near me.  Sadly I doubt it will.

The makers of the musical do seem to be genuine fans of the movie and it is done almost like a 'homage' to the original material, ensuring a thumbs up from the legions of fans this movie has.

So, definately a different one this week and although it didn't feel like watching a movie as such, it looks like a fun experience.

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