3 Nov 2012

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Evil Dead : The Musical - Will's Review

PLEASE NOTE: This review is based on a screener copy made at the "Just for Laughs" festival a few years ago. This has never been released to the public, and the only legitimate way to see this musical is to go see it live.

So, some genius said
"Lets do a live show of 'Evil Dead'.
"We can use the plot of Evil Dead 2, but insert the group of kids from ED1 to the beginning (rather than just Ash and his Girlfriend) - We could set 99% of the show inside the cabin, and make do with a curtain and some trees for the rest of the 'sets'.
"With the right type of roll-up mask we could have people possessed and unpossessed quickly - and with the right puppet, we could even do the goofy 'talking moose head' bit.
"We could hide various tubes strategically around the set, and  have blood spray from them at the right moments to simulate the gore effects; in fact we could make the first 3 rows the 'splatter zone'! Like the 'spash zone' at sea life shows... only with blood
"and we could make it as a musical"

I have visions of this being pitched to someone who would be quite impressed, who would nod in agreement, who would think things like 'mmmm, i can see how that would work', someone who might be tempted to day
"hang on! what was that last bit???"

Yeah, a musical!

And it's done with such a sense of respect (love even) for the source material... sure it prods gentle fun as some aspects (then, the movies did that to themselves too) but at no point does it descend into parody. Which is probably how it got its blessing from Sam Raimi Himself - Oh yeah, this bitch is official!

It's also riotously good fun. Not a great show in itself; the songs are for the most part catchy but generic (although "What The Fuck Was That" got a genuine laugh, and "Housewares Employee" is silly but very well written) but there's no denying that everyone; cast and audience, are having a blast. Ash fighting his own hand is a joy to behold!

Sadly, it doesn't really work on film (which is probably one reason it hasn't been officially filmed), but lets be honest, neither does Rocky Horror (compared to the stage show anyway).

If you can get hold of a copy of the screener AND if the show is never likely to come near you (check); by all means give it a look. (make sure you get the one with the 'Just for laughs' logo in the corner - there are also some audience shoots kicking around, and even a couple of an unofficial - and entirely different, show of the same name)

But if it does come near you (or you go near it) - go check it out in person, wear white, and sit near the front!

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