16 Nov 2012

The Werewolf and the Yeti - Lisa's Review

I'll start by saying, this is one crazy assed movie.  I could probably do with a second watch to make much sense of it, but my abject lack of enjoyment of any aspect of it, prevents me from doing so.  One thing I have learnt from this 'Nasties' experience is that I'm not a fan of the 'so bad its good' movies.

So, lets try and make some 'kind' of sense of the movie.  We have a failed expedition to find the infamous yeti.  A second expedition with Professor Lacombe and an Anthropologist Waldemar heads out to find out what happened with the first.   A snowstorm sets in and they are stranded.  A guide that can only be described as a druggie decides he knows a way through the mountains, so Waldemar goes with him.  Inevitably they get lost and are parted.  Waldemar wanders lost in the elements and eventually finds and seeks refuse in a cave in the mountains and it starts to get some wierd shit from here....  We have 2 cannibalistic, witch, vampire sisters who spend their time trying to help Waldemar recover by performing various sexual acts on him.  Where is this cave I hear gentlemen ask?   Not too hasty chaps... these ladies eat their lovers and we are treated to the sight of them chowing down on some dismembered limbs.

Waldemar manages to do away with them but is bitten by one before he manages to escape... et Voila!  we have our werewolf.
From here the plot just went batshit crazy for me.  There were bandits who take the professor back at the hotel (sensible man) prisoner.  His daughter (who just so happens to be very foxy.. funny that) manages to escape.  We basically have a story which is at heart a love story where werewolf rescues pretty lady, much peril ensues, inevitable yeti/werewolf battle takes place and pretty lady saves wereman for them to wander off into the sunset together.

Lots of shit happens in between.  A woman is flayed.  Some kind of weird sorceress woman tries to come onto Waldemar, lots of scantilly clad women run about, we find out how to beat the werewolf curse.. blah blah blah.

I found it pretty hard going and certainly wouldn't recommend it for a fun evenings viewing.  Its style has been compared to 'Hammer' in style, but I missed the similarity, some cheesiness aside.

For me, everything about this movie made me wonder if it was some kind of piss-take and it was actually meant to be funny.  Finding out it wasn't was sobering indeed.

I would say 'Avoid' but from what I've read it seems this little movie does have its fair share of followers.  I just wasn't one of them.

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