17 Nov 2012

The Witch Who Came From The Sea - Lisa's Review

A very different movie this week and an odd one to find itself on the Video Nasty list.

This is a completely different kind of disturbing, but disturbing none-the-less.  I struggle with my viewpoint on this movie.


The story involves a young woman called Molly who was abused repeatedly by her father when she was a child.  The movie follows the mental and emotional problems she now has as an adult following this abuse and her rather odd way of dealing with this.

She is shown in the movie as a doting auntie to her young nephews.  She regales the boys regularly with tales of their wonderful, perfect grandfather (her father) and how he was lost at sea as he was too perfect for this world.  She even oddly comments during a conversation with them about tattoos that he never had tattoos as he was too perfect and his body was as god had intended.

Why she holds a notion in her mind as to her fathers perfection and pushes his abuse to the back of her conscious mind is an odd one.  She seems to struggle with the concept of 'perfect' men.  Gazing adoringly at them on the television... the perfect symbol of masculinity, yet at the same time dispising men and that masculinity.  She struggles with this throughout the movie and her abuse as a child is only shown in flashbacks, where the movie adopts a wierd 'spaced-out' style.

Due to her repressed memories and her inability to deal with what has happened and her feelings towards men in general (more-so perfect models of masculinity.. sportsmen, actors) she takes to seducing these men and when she gets them in a vunerable position in the bedroom, she slowly tortures them and kills them, generally culminating in her castrating them... the ultimate demsculinizing.

As the movie progresses, her boyfriend and sister finally have to start admitting what she is doing.  They don't know how to cope with what she is going through and its effects much as they care for her.

As I said, this movie is uncomfortable and hard to watch in places.  I struggle with my viewpoint here.  I can see it has its redeeming features as it has a lot going on and works on several levels.  It is full of imagery which is there if you care to look for it.  I did find it very depressing to watch though.  Maybe aspects of this one felt too real with stories floating around in the media at the moment.  The whole abuse of children thing has always turned my stomach, so it sort of made the killings almost incidental to me.

I leave this one kind of confused.  Most definately not one for horror fans or anyone expecting gore or shocks, but an interesting study of the human condition and its demise.

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