12 Nov 2011

Delirium - Lisa's Review

I don't quite know where to begin with this movie. We return to our DPP list after the passing of our Shocktober Specials with a real stinker!!!

I struggle to think of anything remotely positive to say about this movie. It had me incredulous with confusion all the way through. It was so dull and convoluted that I struggled to keep attention with all the other stuff going on around me.

The dialogue was awful, although it may be useful if I struggle to sleep at night. The script was something a school child would be capable of. The acting was comical to say the least and I doubt it was meant to be. It reminded me of one of those lame 'spot the difference' scenes they used to show on 'The Krypton Factor' in the days of Gordon Burns (awesome show btw).

I would give you a brief plot synopsis but to be honest, I'd have problems having it make any sense as like I said I struggled to tie it together and work out why it kept showing vietnam, was out murderer supposed to be an ex soldier? It was like watching 2 completely different and equally crap movies. I will say though, I lost attention over and over again as I got so bored and distracted and I did attempt to watch it twice. I didn't want to waste a third afternoon trying to trawl my way through it.

My advice.... avoid at all costs. There is nothing remotely offensive, sensationalist, gory or interesting to be found here. I think this is probably the worst one yet for me.

The use of the Mastermind Music was quite amusing though.

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