26 Nov 2011

Don't Go In The House - Will's review.

This weeks movie had shades of Psycho, with a central character who was haunted by his preserved mother, and lures young women to his home to kill them. 

Unlike psycho, his "mother" doesn't actually seem to be directly related to the murders - she doesn't tell him to commit them; she just generally bothers him while he goes around collecting bodies. 

The only way Donny's mother is connected to his crimes, is that her abuse made him the man he is today; she used to burn his arms with fire to 'purify' him, which has left him with more than a small fire obsession (he even works at a rubbish incinerator). 

When Donny finds his mother dead, he at first does all the things that every 30's something wishes he could; he plays his music loud, jumps on the furniture, and builds himself a metal-lined death room where he can burn people to death with a flame flower 'borrowed' from work. He even gets himself an appropriate wardrobe from his neighbourhood camping supplies, hunting, fishing, and fire-suite store. 

We interrupt this review for some competition news; you will need to collect 4 words to enter the competition to win a copy of 'don't look in the basement' - the first of these is "DON'T", we now return you to the review.

His lure and kill cycle is fairly repetitive, and the film makers had the good sense not to show it more that once, instead just showing us part of subsequent captures.

That said, the burning effect was well done, and another couple of those might have made a bette filler than a 10 minute scene where Donny buys some clothes to go out in!

Slow 3rd act and some truly awful acting  aside, it's a solid enough film (at least by the standard so far) with reasonable corpse and fire effects (some practical, some superimposed).

Body Count: 5
Animal Body Count: 0
Boob Count: 1 pair
Most memorable death: Burning in bondage (the first one)

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