19 Nov 2011

The Devil Hunter - Lisa's Review

So to this weeks nasty and just when I thought things couldn't get any worse than last weeks offering. So ok, it maybe wasn't quite as bad in that I could make sense of it, but thats very loosely speaking as I'm not sure a lot of work went into the storyline.

I could give you a blow by blow account of the movie, but I've decided doing means readers (if indeed there are any) have no need to watch the movie as I've pretty much covered it in its entirety...

So rough idea? A pretty model is kidnapped and held for ransom in a jungle full of cannibals. Making her a model was just an excuse to show a pretty women naked I thought, but as the movie progressed, I could see this director didn't need any excuse for pretty much constant nudity.

The cannibals have a cannibal king/god who is obviously supposed to be menacing but just looks ridiculous with something that resembles half ping pong balls with red lines drawn on over his eyeballs. Sacrifices of nubile young women are made for him... hence more excuses for naked women.

There is pretty much nothing to say, 2 guys (Vietnam vets as is becoming commonly the case in these movies) come in to try to save aforementioned model and basically f*ck up from start to finish.

What we have here is an excuse to show women naked and tied up, being raped, assaulted and abused as much as possible. Its a sexploitation movie thats for sure and its one of the kinds I abhore. While I'm not a prude and have no problems with all manner of things, I have always had an issue with these kind of scenes being shown for obvious tittilation. The long lingering shoots (and close ups) of the most intimate of areas shall we say prove that this is purely for kicks and not to put across the barbarity of such acts. The assaults are played out as sex scenes with the protesting of the female 'victims' just adding to to kick for the viewer.

Maybe it was an ok movie, I don't know, but this pet peeve of mine being rattled over and over again just p*ssed me off so much, I had no interest in paying much attention. I'm no feminist, but women being used in such ways in movies just irks me immensely.

There was nothing in here for the horror fans but plenty for men who sexploitation appeals to. BIG thumbs down from me.

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