12 Nov 2011

Delirium - Will's Review

Well, after 5 weeks away from the DPP list, we're back on the Nasties and what a film to come back to; as though trying to make up for lost time, Delirium is like 2 crap movies for the price of one! I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that this movie started off as 2 scripts (or at the very least, 2 ideas for scripts) that were given a little connecting dialogue in order to combine them to movie length.

Movie one is a slasher about a Nam Vet who goes on a woman-killing spree. Movie 2 is about a business man who is caught up in an underground organisation that tracks down killers and rapists who have escaped justice, and delivers what the court system could not. Both are under written, and neither are any good.

The glue that hold these 2 plots vaguly together is the worlds most casual police investigation, and the fact that Charlie (the slasher from movie one) is an ex-army buddy of the vigilantly group's chairman, and that the group recently hired him to take out a bad guy (before he flipped and started killing random women).

This 3rd (half) plot contributes to the movie's only redeeming feature; a little (and I do mean little) unintentional comedy. At one point, our 2 cops happily carry on their casual (and somewhat callous) crime-scene chit-chat while the victims body is still pinned to the wall, and her flat mate is sat right behind them on the sofa crying!

The worlds laziest police investigation, consists mostly of asking a civilian (the aforementioned crying room mate) to "keep an eye on" her boss, who the police believe to be involved in the spate of murders (he is in fact, part of the vigilant group).

The rest of the movies (still unintentional) humour comes from the use of it's main theme, a piece of music called "Approaching Menace", you probably didn't know the piece's title, but I'll bet you know the tune...

My specialist subject is "Cluteral differences in musical references, 
and their effect on bad movies of the 1970s" 

So it's bad, but only very occasionally and enough to be entertaining, and the gore / nudity / sex / anything else that might make it watchable or help me understand its time on the DPP list is virtually absent.

Put it this way; how bad does a movie have to be to have been banned, but STILL remain obscure enough to not get a Wikipedia entry?!?

Body Count: 18 (mostly in Vietnam Flashbacks)
Animal Body Count: 0
Boob Count: 3
Most Memorable Death: Pitch fork off!

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