30 Nov 2011

Don't go in the house - Lisa's Review


So a bit late with this weeks review, but better late than never. We move onto a pyromaniac for this weeks movie.

A rather sad middle aged man (Donny) lives with his mother (in a kind of psycho style set up) who clearly has abused him as a youngster with fire, holding his arm above a lit stove by way of punishment. If he was bad, she burned him. If he had evil thoughts, she would burn him. She felt she could burn the evil out of him. For some strange reason this has ignited (no pun intended) a lifetime fascination with fire.

He watches a colleague at work burn to death and watches rather than help. He later discovers his evil mother has passed away 'freeing' him to a life of whatever he wanted. Strangely, what he wants is to inflict the same pain suffered by him at the hands of his mother onto others. He hears voices in his head telling him what he can do and leading him astray.

We interrupt this review for competition news: the second word you will need to enter to win a copy of "Don't look in the Basement" is " STOP". and now, back to the review....

Being a horror movie from the 80's, this inevitably means the 'victims' will be beautiful young naked women and we are not disappointed with his first victim who is strung up in that classic bondage arms above head pose and prompted set fire to after being doused in petrol. I noted however her hair stayed beautiful coiffered and dry after the petrol dousing.

He goes to 'collect' the burned corpses of his victims (all dressed up after death) in his house along with his decomposing mother.

We move on to a very amusing scene in a shop where he buys clothes to go out. Are all male shop assistants who work in suit shops gay? Anyway after a long drawn out purchasing experience, he leaves all dapper like and heads to the discotheque.... queue some awful acting, dancing, clothes and hair.

While dancing with a rather attractive young woman, he has a flashback to his childhood and the arm over the stove and he manages to set fire to this ladies 80's hairspray laquered hair. He beats a hasty exit before her brother seeks his revenge. Enroute home in his car he picks up 2 rather inebriated and attractive (suprise suprise) young women and convinces them to come back to his for a party.

Well we know whats going to happen to them. Also a priest he confided in during the movie and his friend (yes he has one) come over to his house following the disco episode to see how he is and the priest is set alight with a flame thrower! Nice! He then starts to imagine that the corpses in his house come alive and talk to him, so he sets light to them with the flame thrower again! lol.

What we expected would happen from the start happens of course... the house is burned down and several bodies are found explaining away the corpses. Donny also meets his demise.

We end with a crap attempt at a social statement where Donny's friend's son is being beaten by his mother and starts to hear the same voices Donny heard. 'Don't beat your kids, or they will come back and kill you'.. Hmmmm

I found this movie mind numbingly boring, dull and a waste of time. I have watched worse during this challenge, but this one just didn't hold anything of interest for me at all.

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