12 Sep 2012

Terror Eyes - Lisa's Review

So another slasher whodunnit movie this week... well I say this week, but as I'm late with this weeks movie, I'm playing catchup from last week.  Was it worth the wait?  Ummmm no.

It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen by a long shot.  It was watchable, but was it enjoyable?  Ummmm no.  

We follow a motorcycle-helmet wearing, leather-clad murderer with a penchant for decapitating young ladies.  The murder scenes themselves are not very graphic and in all cases cut away at the point of decapitation.  All to be seen is a pretty poor head prop and not a lot of blood given the injury sustained.  In one case a poor turtle is clonked over the head with a severed head which was thrown into a swimming pool (The murderer always puts his aquired heads in water).

I found the movie quite misogynistic and voyeuristic in its presentation.  It had a seedy air to it and the murder scenes did not seem as disturbing as the method of presentation by the director, who I thought more than once must have some odd sexual perversions.  A shower scene with the movies main actress and her prat of a boyfriend (college professor with a penchant for sleeping with his students) pointed towards a love of the look of a female 'blooded-up' body when the professor smeared her body in red paint of some description as part of their lovemaking.  Seemed a bit odd to me..

What else can I say about the movie.  It wasn't shocking.  The acting was pretty poor.  The script and dialogue didn't come across as real in any respect and distracted from the story when you were forced to address in your head how crap it actually was.  I found scenes very much to be filmed and presented from a very male viewpoint and a bit of a perv at that.  This in itself made the discovery of the helmet wearing freak all the more ridiculous.  It was kind of obvious, but I found myself hoping (in vain) through most of the movie that the killer wasn't who I thought it was.  Sadly it was, which is downright ridiculous.  There are copious reasons why this makes no sense at all, but I could only be bothered to argue these had the movie got any other kind of relevance or made any other kind of impression.  Sadly it failed on all counts.

Like I said, not the worst thing I've ever seen but definately far from one of the best.  Bog standard average slasher movie with an undertone of voyeuristic pervert.

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