29 Sep 2012

Unhinged - Will's Review

When 3 girls on a road-trip have a car accident in an area known for 'disappearing' girls, they are taken in by a strange mother / daughter combo, and forced to wait out a storm. When one of them decides to brave the woods alone to cut to a nearby town with a phone, it (quite predictably) isn't long before she joins the numbers of the missing...

Only last month I was talking about how a bad ending can ruin an otherwise fine movie, and why a great ending can elevate an average film; This time it was defiantly the latter!
The bulk of the movie is, while badly acted, at least quite well paced - we learn things at a decent rat, and the low body-count never really stands out.

That said, the time-scale of the events depicted seems a little odd - day seems to become night with alarming regularity, while the characters will act like mere minuets have passed (at one point our heroin wakes in the morning to find her bed-ridden friend missing, then suddenly it's nightfall, bus she's still barley casually interested as to her friend's whereabouts).

So there are enough flaws to take the otherwise compelling story about the Mother figure of the houses hatred of all men, and drag it down to, as I have said, and average movie.

It's quite obvious that there is going to be a twist; but rather than try to hide the fact, the film makers have chosen to hint at a dozen different potabilities - this of course means that when the twist is finally revealed, it will be something you've considered; but (for me at least) only briefly, and certainly not so seriously that it ruins the surprise.

Because of the acting and strange passage of time, I cant quite bring myself to stick the "Will Recommends" tag on this one... but I still think you should check it out.

Body Count: 4 (and a few pieces)
Boob Count: 2 Pairs
Most Memorable Death: AXE!

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