22 Sep 2012

Twitch of the Death Nerve - Will's Review

Not quite a slasher (misses one of the essential ingredients) but defiantly an influence on the slashers that would follow (parts of this movie would be remade virtually shot for shot a decade later in 'Friday the 13th part II') Twitch of the Death Nerve is an important and interesting film, if only from a historical point of view.

Opening with 2 kills, and with a kill on average every 10 mins thereafter, I can't quite decide if I was entertained; but it was impossible to be board...

Like last week's movie, this one had a very short lived whodunit element, but this time, rather than changing MO and becoming a kidnapper, the killer is killed.

And then his killer is killed too.

And so fourth.

The plot focuses around an inheritance; it seems that a countess (the movies first kill) was all that stands between a beautiful bay, and a profitable commercialisation; and with her dead, the race is on to become heir to the bay.

Her stepdaughter shows up, it turns out she has a illegitimate son, the lawyer behind the proposed development wants his papers signed at any cost, some residents would do anything to protect the bay, and it seems that not one person in the movie is afraid to kill to get what they want.

This is the missing element that separates this movie from a slasher; a single, seemingly unstoppable, killer.

For all it's verity and frequency of kills, the number of killers, and complex (but thankfully comprehensible) plot keep this one firmly rooted in galio teretory.

And quite right too; they'll be plenty of time for slashers in the coming decade.

Body count: 13
Boob count: 2 pairs
Animal body Count: 1 bug
Most memorable Death: The semi-ironic 'twist'

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