29 Sep 2012

Unhinged - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS *** (but not the one that matters)

Well after 2 weeks of good movies, I couldn't expect another good 'un and indeed I didn't get one. It wasn't a 'bad' movie as such, mainly the acting irritated me.  I found it very hard to get past the actors in the movie appearing like they were reading (very slowly) from a sheet without any prior reads or practise.

When the movie starts with 3 pretty girls (Gloria, Terri & Nancy) happily heading off to a concert in a car, hearing about the disappearance of lots of pretty young women, it doesn't take a genius to work out where the movie is headed.  The weather takes a turn for the worse and they come off the road and into a ditch.

We then move to a mansion in the middle of nowhere.  An elderly woman in a wheelchair (Mrs Penrose) and her very wierd daughter (Marion) live there.  There is also a rather odd man who seemed to be a jack of all trades, including a medical professional?  They have taken them in.  Terri & Nancy are fine and should be ok to leave in the morning, but Gloria is unconscious and the old woman and her daughter suggest the girls wait until they can leave with their friend.

It becomes very clear that the old woman is not a very nice person.  She spends the entire time she is on film lambasting men and how evil and nasty they are.  It seems to stem from her hatred of her ex husband, her infidelity and the suggested interference with a child.   She also seems to think her very odd looking daughter is having it away with a never-ending list of men (chance would be a fine thing).  We are also shown her son, who is presented as a wierd, unkempt man who lives outside and likes to peep at ladies taking showers.  We find out he is Mrs Penrose's son, who she refused to acknowledge when her hatred of men started.  Marion looks after him.

So, the scene is pretty much set.  Most regular horror viewers could write the rest of the story with ease.  Slot in some whispered 'Things don't seem quite right' from the 2 conscious girlies (No sh*t Sherlock!).
The inevitable need to go for help which leads to the obvious death of 1 girl (which has so many disappointments, I won't even start).
The 'coming to' of our unconscious lady and repeat of our 'Things don't seem quite right' conversation.
A slightly less disappointing death of a second girl (perhaps because it happens off screen).
Hinting to the possible murderer.
A bit of back story.
1 remaining girl getting to the bottom of everything and a bloody ending.

That pretty much has it covered, anything else that happens is incidental, except that is for the ending!  Yes its bloody and yes our murderer is revealed, but the twist when it comes is one that surprised me.  I loved the twist and I'm surprised I didn't consider it before.  I was finding the movie pretty hard going, in that the acting was really getting to me and the storyline was achingly predictable, so perhaps I wasn't engaged enough with the movie to be 'thinking' about possibilities.

In short, this was a poor movie with terrible acting, but it is saved from being absolutely awful, to being just about watchable with a clever and dark ending.  Is it worth sitting through an hour and a half for the ending?  Hmmm I'm not so sure.  For those of us who are doing 'The Nasties' challenge, certainly.  For die hard horror fans, probably.  For people wanting a bit of gore for a nights entertainment, probably not.

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