1 Dec 2012

Zombie Creeping Flesh - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ***

So where to start this week?  I'm not at all sure.  When I started watching this movie, I realised I have actually watched it before when Darren delighted myself, Kelly and Dave by making us watch it on one of our get-togethers and its no better now than it was then.

This is an extremely disjointed movie which flits from location to location with not much of an explanation.  We have a leak in a chemical plant which turns all the workers in a research facility into zombies.  In a parallel story we have a team of men sent into a building where some protesters have taken hostages as they want these research plants to be done away with.  The government and media are denying all knowledge these places even exist.  The swat team do away with the bad guys.  Mission Complete.  What I fail to understand is why we suddenly end up in Papua New Guinea amongst tribes people?

It is here that our 4 neanderthals (that is the only way to describe them, trust me) meet our eye candy of the moment, a journalist called Lia, who is there with her camera man to investigate the sudden deaths of people from attacks in the village.

So there we go, an introduction to our zombies.  The movie makes no sense.  It is full of documentary footage of various different tribes people.  There is even what looks to be some real UN footage used.  None of this ties together and does nothing to add to the story.  All of a sudden, Lia decides to 'blend in' with the tribes and make them more comfortable by getting naked... hmmm.  Obviously all the men keep their clothes on which doesn't cause a problem.  We see the need for the journalist anyway.

There is hideous over acting, it is one of those which gives quite a few laughs in its absurdity if watched with friends, but when watching alone, it loses any of its small amount of appeal.  It was a waste of an hour and a half the first time and I have to say even more of a waste of time this time around.   The actors seem intent on standing watching zombies open mouthed rather than running away.  They stand back of hand to forehead with an "Oh my god" stance while the rather crap zombie shuffles towards them and has a go at eating them.

The 4 guys, Lia and the cameraman finally make their way off the island and to the chemical plant where they find out about the chemical leak and the reasons for it. It seems in the crap attempt at a serious message that the purpose of this chemical that leaked was to control the size of the population in third world countries.  Kind of lost in the mess that is the rest of the movie to be honest.  It wasn't really the kind of movie that should be attempting any kind of serious point.

They all die anyway when the zombies at the plant get them.  *YAWN*

We end the movie back in the US with a young woman being attacked by a group of zombies showing that it has spread out of the 'third world'.  No explanation.. nothing!

I wouldn't go so far as to say 'Avoid' as some people may enjoy the silly factors in this movie, but it certainly didn't float my boat.

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