8 Dec 2012

Zombie Flesh Eaters - Will's Review

What to say about our last movie?

Well, its a Fulci, with all that entails; multiple plot threads, hyper-realism, gore and an eyeball getting graphically damaged.

It also contains what is probably Fulci's most famous scene - the underwater fight between a shark (2 sharks actually, but probably bot 'played' by the same shark) and a Zombie!

While I'm not sure I approve of drugging a shark, just to wrestle it for a movie, the result is something to behold (bonus marks for creating waterproof zombie makup!)

The eyeball scene is excellent, not just for the effect, but also for the build up; this being a Fulci move, we know the eyeball is getting stabbed as soon as the possibility arises, but without such knowledge  the woman's struggle as the Zombies arm pulls her closer and closer to the shard of wood that used to form part of her door would be brilliantly suspenseful.

It's a good job though,. That the eyeball sequence, zombie make-up, shark fights and effect pieces are so good, because in-between, it can be a bit of a drag.

The film opens and closes in New York; scenes which were added after the success of Dawn of the Dead (in Italy  Dawn was called "Zombie" and this movie "Zombie 2") and for me, the films final NY set scene makes the movie (SPOILERS FOLLOW), While our hero's have been out in the tropics, dealing with a seemingly contained Zombie outbreak, a corpse that turns up in the opening scene has started an outbreak that has overrun the city. It provides a brilliant 'oh fuck' moment and turns what we have been watching into a  single sub-plot in a much bigger movie; its a really neat idea.

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