24 Nov 2012

Women Behind Bars - Lisa's Review

Not a lot to say this week.  We've been here before, both with the subject matter  (you only need to look at the title really) and the director.  If you have any desire to watch a prison sexploitation movie, this has been done much better elsewhere.

Here we start the movie with a robbery of some diamonds by 3 masked men.  One of the robbers, dispatches with the other 2, keeping the haul for himself.  Sadly his girlfriend Shirley meanwhile learns he has been unfaithful and kills him in a fit of jealousy.  She contacts the police and confesses.

So here we are in prison.  What follows is an excuse for as much nudity as possible of (for the most part) quite unattractive female bodies.  So we all have cellulite, but doesn't mean I want to see oodles of it onscreen.  Also whats's with the vast amounts of hair these women have?? Haven't you ever heard of a Bic? So we have nudity, lesbian scenes (I still haven't worked out what they were doing), camera angles where no camera should be, lingering shots of genitals, up bums, nipples... you get the picture.  There is also some torturing by means of whipping, beating and electrodes being attached to aforementioned over-insulated private parts.... perfect excuse for much jiggling of bosoms when shocks are applied... Hmmmmm.

There isn't much more I can say really.  There is a plot which runs underneath the excuse to show lots of nudity.  The warden and a private investigator from an insurance company who have had to foot the bill for the missing diamonds, believe Shirley knows where the diamonds are which have mysteriously gone missing.  They are shown questioning her on a few occasions.
We end with Shirley getting the better of the randy warden (but not before we were 'treated' to some more nudity when she gets jiggy with him) and demanding he walk her outside where she escapes.

What follows are 3 bizarre twists which start being a bit far fetched and end up with the ridiculous.  I won't give them away in case any reader (hello???) wants to actually watch this movie and I spoilt it (yea riiiiight).

This was a big fat waste of time as far as I'm concerned, so I place an 'avoid' on this movie.

On a plus point, next week - ZOMBIES!!!!

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