24 Nov 2012

Women Behind Bars - Will's Review.

Three guys steal a case of diamonds from a boat, one of the thieves double-crosses (and shoots) the other two, then takes the box home, where it turns out to be empty; his girlfriend then shoots him and goes to Jail, where the inmates may sleep with the warden in exchange for perks.

Someone working for "The International Insurance Company" (yes, that the actual name of the company in the movie) tracks her explains through jail hoping to find out where the jewels are; the warden also suspects that she knows.

Bare boobs, Genital torture and embarrassingly bad lesbian sex ensue.

There is literally no reason to see this movie.

If you want to watch a heist movie with a twist ending, go see Oceans Eleven.

If you want to see a movie that deserved to be banned, check out any of these.

If you want to see boobs, or lesbian sex, there's plenty of actual porn that show you more or better.

If you want to see boobs, or lesbian sex, but pretend that you aren't watching porn, there are plenty of mainstream movies with better examples of both.

If you want to see a prison sexploitation movie, just about any of the others we've reviewed so far should float that particular boat better than this one.

There isn't even an enforced shower scene or any rape; these are not things that I personally look for in a movie... in fact I think most movies are better for NOT featuring them, but this is a "Women in Prison" movie, and if you choose to watch one of those you're probably looking for at last some rape!!! (or else just watching all 72 Video Nasties, presumably because you hate yourself).

Even the movies strange trips into the land of prose (The narrator tells us that "The Warden lives an a comfortable mansion, separated from the main complex by a long and gloomy tunnel") cant make this bad enough (or at least bad in the right way) to be interesting!

Body Count: 6
Boob Count: 4 pairs
Most Memorable Death: Strangled in bed (sleeping - how dull)

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